'Million Dollar Contractor' will return with season 7 sooner than you think, teases Stephen Fanuka

'Million Dollar Contractor' Stephen Fanuka also reveals the most bizarre request made by a celebrity.

                            'Million Dollar Contractor' will return with season 7 sooner than you think, teases Stephen Fanuka

After six successful seasons of ‘Million Dollar Contractor’ Stephen Fanuka had hung up his hard hat and hammer officially – at least on camera – in 2017, because he wanted to spend more time with his family. He had announced the news in a shocking post on social media that read: "It's official. #milliondollarcontractor is done. It's been my pleasure. It's also been a blessing to have you follow me. Thank you & @scrippsnetworks For giving me this special opportunity. I'm blessed. Am I retired. For now. Yes! Time to enjoy the life you all have & I've missed. My sons going to college and my little girl misses having daddy around. As do I. 10 years waiting. Will I be back? You better believe it. I do. Xoxo [sic]" 

Now, however, he seems ready to document his genius in creating beautiful homes for his clients. When asked about the show’s return with a season 7, Fanuka tells Meaww, “Let’s put it this way: you can hold your breath because soon you’ll be able to breathe.” 

Despite taking what we now know to be a break from ‘Million Dollar Contractor,’ Fanuka has not completely stayed away from the limelight, having filmed with the ‘Real Housewives’ recently and he will soon be seen in the 100th episode of ‘George to the Rescue’ as well. “And if everything goes well, hopefully you’ll see me back doing my own thing in 2019,” he promises.  



Meanwhile, he continues to make the extravagant architectural dreams of his high-profile clients a reality. On working for celebrities, he says, “Everyone in the spotlight is a little apprehensive at first but once you get to know them and they know they can trust you, they’re even nicer and easier to deal with than regular clients. Most celebrities know they’re lucky to be where they are.” 

That being said, there are a few who have some ridiculous demands. Reminiscing on these demands, Fanuka says, “I had to bodyguard a cat on a renovation. The client didn’t have any kids but had a 17-year-old diabetic cat. They were afraid the cat would get depressed and pass away if it was displaced, so I had to hire two bodyguards to walk around the cat and protect it during the whole 8-month renovation. I also had one celebrity who wanted me to build a sneaker room in her home for her celebrity boyfriend who didn’t even live there.” 

However, if you want to live like a celebrity, you do not need to go to these extremes, because Fanuka is predicting a concrete counter trend that is going to be all the rage in the coming months. “So are concrete floors that are polished, oversized steel windows for exteriors that slide open, and black wrought iron doors with the panes of glass (like French doors) in between rooms. I’d say concrete and metal are trending and adding metal to wood is also trending,” he explains. Hope you are taking notes.