'Million Dollar Contractor' Stephen Fanuka on his clients, his work, and the great taste of Bruce Willis

Stephen Fanuka reveals that Bruce Willis has great taste, and claims that the actor loves and respects architecture.

                            'Million Dollar Contractor' Stephen Fanuka on his clients, his work, and the great taste of Bruce Willis

The ‘Million Dollar Contractor’ has been off our TV screens for a while now, but he hasn’t stopped being a contractor to stars. Stephen Fanuka, who has helped make beautiful homes for celebrities such as Beyoncé, Bruce Willis, Tina Fey and Michael J. Fox, talks to Meaww about everything he has been up to after his retirement – temporary as it may be – including his DIY campaign with GOLD BOND®, a bizarre project he took on and the work he is proudest of. 

A man who works in construction, Fanuka is now focusing his time and energy to promote GOLD BOND® Cracked Skin Fill and Protect Cream, because he knows, “ how uncomfortable and bothersome dry cracked skin can be when you are trying to do your job and the things you love.” 

Crediting the cream for healing his hands Fanuka elaborated, “Back in February, I had chafed hands – nothing out of the ordinary, but I guess because I’m getting older, they weren’t healing as quickly. I talked to a friend who told me about GOLD BOND® Cracked Skin Fill and Protect Cream. I put it right on and within 2-3 minutes, I started feeling instant relief. Not only did I feel better, but the cream started to heal my hands. The product is so small, I keep it in the glove compartment with my Chapstick and Kind bars.” 



To Fanuka, this product is obviously extremely important seeing as his hands are his primary tools. “The first thing you learn in home improvement is how to take care of your tools. You’re only as good as your tools so I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of your hands,” he says. The cream once applied “lasts – even through handwashing – so you don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying and can just focus on the getting the job done. You can pick it up in the first-aid section of any local grocery, drug and discount stores nationwide, including Walgreens and CVS.” 

The ‘Million Dollar Contractor’ has a job that requires him to not only to come through in terms of projects but also to be friendly to his customers, and he claims he can’t be that he if he's not feeling all right. Of course, when you have a clientele that includes Hollywood A-listers you wouldn’t want to take that risk in any case. One of Fanuka’s most recent clients was Bruce Willis, who he claims has great taste. “He loves and respects architecture,” says the contractor, who looks at all his jobs as a piece of art with a significant quality. He adds, “The art takes a lot of time and pressure and a lot of love. It’s like I’m a composer and my trades are my orchestra - I’m only as good as the trades that I use, who play the music I conduct. The secret to my success is that everything I do comes from the heart.” 


Speaking of some of his proudest work, he reminisces of a 15,000-foot house he built out of reclaimed wood. “It had a copper roof and a giant indoor/outdoor fireplace. I created a $1 million, 6-story spiraling staircase out of steel and clad in stone. I also built a bathtub out of teak wood.” Above and beyond the work itself, Fanuka claims it is the smile on the homeowner’s face that makes him feel proud, even if the smile is elicited by things that make others raise their eyebrows – like a 12-foot teepee inside a house.