Mickey Factz disses Royce Da 5'9" amid Lupe Fiasco BEEF, fans say he showed 'no f**king mercy'

Royce Da 5'9" was the one who ignited the beef with Lupe Fiasco after an Instagram Live conversation steered in the wrong direction

                            Mickey Factz disses Royce Da 5'9" amid Lupe Fiasco BEEF, fans say he showed 'no f**king mercy'
Lupe Fiasco with Mickey Factz and Royce Da 5'9" ([email protected]/ Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images)

The fierce beef between Royce Da 5'9” and Lupe Fiasco just got interesting as rapper Mickey Factz has now come into the picture after he dropped a six-minute diss track on Royce called ‘WRAiTH’ on Monday, July 26. The latest diss track comes after both Royce and Lupe took shots at Mickey in their respective diss songs.

Mickey was all over Twitter as users could not contain their excitement to talk about the latest addition to the beef. Royce Da 5'9” was the one who ignited the beef with Lupe after an Instagram Live conversation steered in the wrong direction. Lupe had then clapped back within hours with his diss track, escalating the entire situation. Royce’s six-minute diss track called ‘Silence of the Lambda’ saw him taking brutal digs at Lupe and the latter did the same with his track called ‘Steve Jobs (SLR 3 1/2)’. Speaking of beef, we recently saw rappers Blueface and Tekashi 6ix9ine slamming each other on Instagram but they never really dropped any diss tracks.

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Mickey Factz disses Royce Da 5’9” amid beef with Lupe Fiasco

Mickey was part of the Instagram Live conversation going around for weeks which focused on who was the best lyrical rapper in the game. The session included artists such as Ransom, Mickey, Royce and Lupe. It now seems Mickey took the potshots taken at him quite seriously as he dropped ‘WRAiTH’ mainly aimed at Royce. Looking at the Instagram pictures of Mickey, it seems he is more close to Lupe, and speaking on the same lines, Royce took to his Instagram where he spoke about these two “ganging up” against him in a short video.

In a related update, Royce and Lupe abruptly ended their “The Lupe & Royce Show” podcast. Lupe took to his Instagram recently to speak about his decision to break ties with Royce and to clarify the circumstances that led to it. “I’m not doing that no more but again, it’s not something that’s done out of ill will, this is something that’s been kind of building for a little bit. And again, my heart wasn’t 100 percent in the podcast anyway, with Royce, without Royce, by myself, on my own. So shoutout to everybody who tuned into the podcast, really appreciate it… But yeah man, that’s probably the end of an era. And just kind of moving on to other things,” he said as reported by Vibe.

Talking about the diss track ‘WRAiTH’, it has been produced by AWSME J and comes with cover art of a burning Rolls Royce. Some of the quotable lyrics from the track go like, “We rarely see black Eminems, Kinda shady right?/ You sent the shot, so I flashed back like it's 80's Night/ Playing big or put you in the box, that was [Gravy's?] plight/ Thought I was hijacking that lie? Now I'm taking flight/ Your girl in the Ghost and gobblin' dick, say goodnight/ You know how it rolls, Royce/ You see Ryan, Reynolds wrapped in a lagoon, that's a dead pool/ Lupe freestyled and got you outta here/ You cried alone from playing yourself, shed a solid tear.”



What is Royce Da 5'9” and Lupe Fiasco beef all about?

The clash between the two legendary hip-hop artists started when the debate of “who is a better lyricist” brewed between notable lyricists such as Ransom, Mickey Factz including Royce and Lupe. While the conversation went on for weeks, it mainly escalated when an Instagram Live with Young Guru, Loaded Lux and Murda Mook ended up talking about Royce and Lupe battling each other.

While Royce, who is also known for being a close friend with Eminem, did not show any interest, Lupe later joined in which led to a heated argument. Lupe later dropped a 15-minute freestyle on his Instagram taking subtle shots at Royce. The latter also took to Twitter earlier and said, “I won’t attack Lu personally .. I’m a real one with control of my emotions though desperate times call for desperate measures.. You gotta talk reckless when you know you can’t check all them boxes Tried to tell him, I’m different …”





‘Mickey Factz showed absolutely no f**king mercy’

Social media users rushed to Twitter as soon as Mickey dropped his diss track. Speaking on the same, one user shared, “Royce done messed with the wrong nerds. That Mickey Factz record is just as much a problem as Lupe's joint. I'm loving every moment of this. Now Royce is up and says he got rapper friends too. This is about to get even better!” Another posted, “This Royce Da 5' 9" /Lupe Fiasco / Mickey Factz situation is the most interested stuff in Hip-Hop in a hot minute.” One person tweeted, “Bro how Royce diss Lupe and end up getting bodied by Mickey Factz??? Lol Mickey checked every box.”
Meanwhile, one noted, “Mickey Factz Royce diss is some high level rapping… it just didn’t connect for me. And it might be the messenger. I don’t think him or Lupe kept the same energy that they actually had in the initial convos. They both seem to harbor issues and then blindside on their verses.” The next one posted, “Now that's a diss Track MICKEY FACTZ just killed royce best diss by far of the 3 ROYCE gotta respond yikes.” One user added, “Man Mickey Factz had the best track out of Royce and Lupe.” And another suggested, “Royce Da 5’9” better respond to Mickey Factz immediately.” While one concluded, “That Royce diss Mickey Factz dropped had Bars inside of Bars inside of More Bars THAT WAS AN AMAZING DISS TRACK stayed on topic the whole time did his research and showed absolutely no f**king mercy....LOVE IT!”