Where is Michaela Nelson? Missing National Guard Spc disappeared after mom's death

Michaela Nelson's father shared the National Guard specialist lost her mom a month ago and was also evicted from her apartment

                            Where is Michaela Nelson? Missing National Guard Spc disappeared after mom's death
Michaela Nelson was a specialist with Ohio Army National Guard (Instagram)

Chilling details have emerged in the mysterious disappearance of Ohio Army National Guard specialist Michaela Nelson, who went missing around a month ago. Nelson, 26, hails from Xenia, Ohio, and had recently finished her Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. The National Guard reported her missing on October 26, 2021, shortly after the tragic death of her mother. However, it is still unclear whether Nelson's disappearance is connected in some way to her mother's death. 

The news of Nelson going missing comes barely months after the horrifying disappearance and murder of van-life vlogger Gabby Petito, which rattled the entire nation. Shortly afterward, the death of her fiance Brian Laundrie presumably by suicide came as an additional shock. In 2020, the murder of 20-year-old soldier Vanessa Guillen had sparked headlines. She was later reported to be sexually harassed and killed by fellow enlisted soldier Aaron David Robinson. 


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Where is Michaela Nelson?

Back in September, Nelson lost her mother Jacquelyn Jean Miller to breast cancer at the age of 59. Nelson happens to be the eldest of her five siblings, who was previously married to her high school sweetheart Cole Swigert. 

On October 2, 2021, Nelson officially completed her AIT at Fort Jackson but later she failed to report back to her unit in Dayton, Ohio, as mandated. Between October 6 and October 15, she was spotted a number of times driving her Dodge Charger SXT bearing the license plate number JLL4284. Her family last heard from her on October 26, the same day she was reported missing by the National Guard. Her father Lance Nelson also filed a missing complaint in her name and hired a private investigator to find her as well. "You go through a divorce there’s a lot of grief, that was a year ago. Losing her mother a few months ago to breast cancer and then getting evicted from an apartment," he remarked about Michaela going through a crisis phase. 

The 26-year-old National Guard specialist had had a conversation with her grandmother over text messages on October 26. However, it is not certain when was the last time she spoke to her family over the phone. Her father strongly believes that Nelson is still alive but in hiding. He has theorized that she went AWOL from active duty to process the grief of her mother's tragic death. 

Lance further noted that his daughter might be using a secret phone, as her Facetime still rings, though her previous number goes straight to voicemail. “We just have to believe she’s okay. She’s just taking time away from us or have some sort of new life,” her father added. He also mentioned that it is likely Nelson was hiding somewhere, perhaps to avoid strict punishment and possible jail time for failing to report for duty as a service member. However, the Ohio Army National Guard noted, "Any discussion of discipline or administrative action is not a priority. Our hope is she’s found safe as soon as possible. We will continue to be available to provide any assistance needed to her family and law enforcement."

Addressing his daughter directly, an emotional Lance urged her to come home. "People are in tears, thousands of people are praying that we can find her. Michaela we want you to come home we love you. We want to help you in any way we can. Whether it's financial, emotional, grieving, and just to be together as a family again, is really starting to hurt a lot of us," he said. 

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