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Michael Goguen: Billionaire had sex harem of 5,000 women he slept with in 'boom boom' rooms

In 2016, exotic dancer Amber Baptiste alleged sexual abuse against Michael Goguen and said she got a ruptured anal canal after his forced sodomy
UPDATED NOV 21, 2021
Michael Goguen is a billionaire venture capitalist (Twitter)
Michael Goguen is a billionaire venture capitalist (Twitter)

A shocking civil complaint filed against Silicon Valley billionaire Michael Goguen accuses him of maintaining a harem of young women, including teens whom he slept with. The complaint further alleges that he has a spreadsheet documenting his sexual encounters with over 5000 women at his luxury 'safe houses', as well as a basement 'boom boom' room at a local bar. Among other complaints, the embattled tech mogul has been accused of using the underground secret room “to maintain women for the purpose of committing illicit sexual activity.”

Goguen, the billionaire founder of security firm Amyntor Group LLC, started out his career after joining the venture investment firm Sequoia Capital in Menlo Park. The company funded top firms like Apple, Cisco, Google, YouTube, PayPal, and Instagram, catapulting Michael Goguen to the peak of success. In fact, the businessman was frequently named on the Forbes Midas List for "his ability to find and fund winning technologies.” Now, he is facing bombshell allegations after four former employees of Amyntor Group filed a civil suit seeking more than $800 million in damages. However, this is not Goguen's first tryst with controversy. In fact, his career came to a near standstill in 2016 after his former mistress accused him of sexual abuse. 


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In 2016, Canadian exotic dancer Amber Baptiste alleged that Michael Goguen subjected her to "constant sexual abuse" and "countless hours of forced sodomy" while demanding she calls him 'king' and 'emperor'. According to her lawsuit, Baptiste had to undergo critical surgery for a ruptured anal canal after Goguen "forcibly sodomized her and left her bleeding and alone on the floor of a hotel room in a foreign country.” However, Goguen managed to win a countersuit against Baptiste and imposed a restraining order after a legal battle that lasted three years.

But the allegations were enough for Sequoia Capital to let him go, as their spokesperson stated, "while the firm understood ‘these allegations of serious improprieties’ to be ‘unproven and unrelated to Sequoia’ its management committee had nevertheless ‘decided that Mike’s departure was the appropriate course of action.’" Nevertheless, Goguen's assets only went up and despite his infamous exit, he still has a net worth of over $5 billion. 

Following his stint in Silicon Valley, Goguen shifted base to Whitefish, a small town in Montana with barely 7000 residents. He built a 75,000 sq. ft. luxury mansion there to reside with his fourth wife. He soon expanded his business to own pubs, restaurants, farms, and other smaller companies in Whitefish. His company Amynton Group LLC was believed to be creating a private spy network for the Trump administration. However, the deal with US Government went astray later because of his past sexual abuse allegations. 

Meanwhile, the venture capitalist was continuing his sexual activities in the confidence of his loyal employees. Former Marine and alleged CIA agent Matthew Marshall, who once headed the Amyntor Group, is now the lead plaintiff in the civil suit against Goguen. Marshall has fielded several shocking allegations in Goguen's name — which include the purchase of luxury homes and cars for his sex harems as well as spying and intimidating his rivals. 

The court documents state, "Marshall was being asked to purchase, out of his personal accounts, vehicles, jewelry, earnest money deposits on properties, and to provide cash or other items for Goguen’s mistresses, or as hush-money payoffs to Goguen’s acquaintances and employees who had ‘learned too much’ about Goguen’s sexual misconduct and crimes, and the Goguen Sexual Scheme." Additionally, Goguen also paid for health care, education and vacation expenses for young women in exchange of getting them “to strip and have sex with him [Goguen], to perform other deviant sexual acts with him, or to maintain their silence as participants in Goguen’s sexual misconduct."

Time and again, Goguen had quashed any sexual misconduct complaint against him by alleged means of corruption or bribery, according to the lawsuit. It remains to be seen whether the present lawsuit manages to court any action against Goguen's alleged debauchery and sexual abuse.