Menlo Park Mall Proposal: Who is Matt10yo? Meet the guy behind viral Ben10 proposal that left him in tears

NJ Governor was slammed for his tweeting asking people not to propose at the Menlo Park Mall food court

                            Menlo Park Mall Proposal: Who is Matt10yo? Meet the guy behind viral Ben10 proposal that left him in tears
Matt10yo (R) and as seen proposing to a girl in the video (L) (Instagram/matt10yo)

In a bizarre turnout of events, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was slammed for his rather unusual tweet requesting people not to "propose" at Menlo Park Mall food court. Apparently, his concern stemmed from a viral video that showed a man — dressed like the cartoon character Ben10 — being turned down by his girlfriend after he proposed to her at the venue. 

Dubbed by social media users as a "Ben10 Proposal", the video led to a wide array of online reactions — including a section of Twitterati who slammed the governor for his strange appeal from the official account of the governor's office. "Please don’t propose to people at the Menlo Park Mall food court," he wrote, to which lawyer Elie Honig responded, "As a frequent patron of that exact food court — why the heck not??"

Let's take a look at the real proposal and the man who was a part of it.




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What happened at Menlo Park Mall and who is Matt10yo?

Matt10Yo is a social media influencer who goes by this username on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat. Dressing up often like the cartoon character Ben10 seems to be his forte!

The viral proposal was planned and executed by the YouTuber Matt10 — who dressed up like Ben10 before heading to the Menlo Park Mall food court. In fact, he even posted a series of photos and videos working up the hype prior to the proposal. In the now-viral video, he can be seen kneeling down in the middle of the food court in front of a girl, who then walks away quickly. As Matt breaks down into tears after she turns him down, the crowd gasps and empathizes with Matt. 


Was the proposal a setup?

Several Twitter users expressed their doubts over the authenticity of the proposal and the YouTuber posted a clarification video sharing the story of his "heartbreak".

Apparently, a week ago, the YouTuber posted another similar video titled, 'Marriage Proposal Prank on Girlfriend'. And as some of the commenters on this video clarified, the entire incident seem like a set-up. Check out a string of comments posted below.



The comments on his YouTube video from one week ago (YouTube/Matt10yo)

‘It was just Ben10 getting rejected’

While some viewers expressed compassion and support for the heartbroken lover, others expressed the fright they got seeing 'Menlo Park Mall' trending.  

"I saw the video of the proposal gone wrong at the Menlo Park Mall in NJ. I am heartened by the heroes of the moment, the two men who picked up a stranger and gave him support and compassion. You love to see it," wrote one user. 


With the recent mass reports of mass shootings across the USA, many users got frightened seeing Menlo Park Mall trending on Twitter, fearing there might be another tragic massacre. 

"Saw Menlo Park Mall trending and thought the worst....but it was just Ben 10 getting rejected," tweeted one. Another joked, "Menlo Park Mall is trending Not because there's a shooting, but someone definitely died on the inside."

A third wrote, "Being American is seeing Menlo Park Mall trending on Twitter and immediately thinking there was a mass shooting event there. We need #GunControlNow."