Mia Khalifa poses with Nazi-era wine to bash 'apartheid state' Israel, labeled 'antisemite'

 Mia Khalifa poses with Nazi-era wine to bash 'apartheid state' Israel, labeled 'antisemite'
Mia Khalifa was attacked on social media for drinking Nazi-era wine (Twitter/ @miakhalifa)

Mia Khalifa is not one to back down when it comes to sharing her opinions on social media. So despite being criticized for it, she never shied away from posting anti-Israel messages on her social media accounts ever since the latest conflict between the Jewish state and Hamas in Gaza began. And it doesn't look like her social media campaign is coming to an end as she recently took to Twitter to share a photo that took a dig at Israel's policies.

Khalifa posted a photo of herself enjoying some wine, captioning the picture, "My wine is older than your apartheid 'state'". After this, she was trolled mercilessly about her latest upload about the Gaza-Israel conflict


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Right after her photo and caption upload on Twitter, Khalifa started receiving comments that either called her out or attacked her. "Put aside this is Vichy wine, I love how Israel haters cast It as young. Yes the modern state of Israel was founded in ‘48 - but that’s 10 years *before* Iraq’s founding and five before Egypt’s. The *nation* of Israel (and Egypt) are *very* old," The Dispatch editor-in-chief Jonah Goldberg shared. Another media biggie called her out as British commentator Darren Grimes tweeted, "She should try drinking that wine in Gaza and see how fast she flees to Tel Aviv.".


Townhall.com columnist Kurt Schlichter tweeted, "Your shitty group of terrorists has never won a war in the entire time that bottle of wine existed." And just like that, some users pointed out the Nazi connection - that the bottles bore the date of 1943 and contained champagne produced in Nazi-occupied France. One tweeted directly to Khalifa and wrote, "Word on the streets is... That wine was produced during the Nazi occupation of France... Bedfellows really..." Another user pointed out, "Owning the Jewish state by proudly drinking wine from Vichy France. About right, yes. BTW, it's also older than Pakistan. Algeria. Benin. Botswana... So what's your point, Mia?"




Other social media users attacked her. "She's a social media influencer. Her point is 'look at me'". Some users minced no words. "Her point is that she’s an antisemite." Another said, "Wine is illegal in Gaza. So is porn. But when are you returning to your narco-terror state Lebanon? You sure you'll be welcomed there with your past?"




Khalifa defended herself, replying to some of the critical tweets against her. When a user said, “Israel is the only country in the middle East where you wouldn’t be stoned to death in the street” in reference to her porn career, she replied, "I’ll take my chances in Saudi and Syria, that “born in: Lebanon” on my passport wouldn’t go over well in “Israel".

When another user tried doing the same with "alot of talk for someone whos butthole is one google search away", she tweeted, "So’s the killing of Palestinian children by Israeli defense forces. Both are in 4K."



On May 28, 2021, Khalifa posted another series of photographs with what could be a joint. She captioned the post, "When you’re vibing and hear someone call the apartheid in Palestine a “war”". 


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