Pornhub star Mia Khalifa asks fans to leave her 'the f*** alone' as she celebrates 17 million followers on social media

'If you see me at an airport before 9 AM, the encounter is guaranteed to be unpleasant,' she wrote in the 'thank you' post

                            Pornhub star Mia Khalifa asks fans to leave her 'the f*** alone' as she celebrates 17 million followers on social media
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Former adult film star Mia Khalifa, who has continued to maintain a significant social media presence since leaving the industry, wrote a post on Instagram warning her fans to "leave her the f**k alone."

The celebrity wrote the post while celebrating her 17 million followers milestone on the popular photo-sharing site. "I love every single one of you, but please leave me the f**k alone if you see me at an airport before 9 AM. The encounter is guaranteed to be unpleasant," Khalifa said in a caption along with a picture from a recent trip to Toledo, in Spain. 

The 26-year-old reportedly left the porn industry in early 2015 after receiving constant online abuse and threats of decapitation from the Islamic State after she performed nude while wearing a hijab in her films during her three-month stint.

Khalifa, ever since leaving the industry, has been outspoken about the manipulation of young and vulnerable women in the industry. She also revealed that she deeply regretted her decision to join the industry.


"(Porn) corporations prey on callow young women & trap them legally into contracts when they’re vulnerable," she said. 

The Lebanese-born celebrity has also claimed that she just made $12,000 from the porn industry and that she does not have any ownership of rights to her own website. She added that she does not receive any royalties from her movies either.

Khalifa made the revelations during an interview with Megan Abbott, detailing her struggles since leaving the industry, saying that she has found it difficult to get a job after her stint in porn. She added that she has also had difficulties explaining the large gap in her CV, and that she now suffers from PTSD.

Khalifa, while talking about the ISIS threats, said: "They Photoshopped a picture of me on a beheaded body holding my head that was Photoshopped on there saying 'You'll be next, you Muslim disgrace.' I'm, like, Catholic, dude . . . I've got catholic guilt. You think that you can affect me? No."

Khalifa, however, has continued to garner an impressive following on social media platforms posting pictures about sports, food, and travel.

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