Melania's old pics used to defend Jill Biden's stockings because of ex-FLOTUS's 'political affiliation': Journo

In an April Fools prank, Dr Biden dressed up in fishnet stockings as part of a flight attendant's uniform

                            Melania's old pics used to defend Jill Biden's stockings because of ex-FLOTUS's 'political affiliation': Journo
Melania Trump and Jill Biden are being compared for fashion choices (Getty Images)

Just days after Jill Biden's fishnet stockings garnered massive social media attention and a comparison with Melania Trump's swimsuit photos, Daisy Cousens has called those comparisons a “total false equivalence”. The internet dragging Melania's modeling days to defend the FLOTUS' recent fashion choice was blasted by the Sky News contributor as a 'decry' against a woman with 'wrong political affiliation'. 

“What I took issue with is the fact that people were putting up photos of Melania from when she was a swimsuit model as if to sort of decry the fact that people were criticizing Jill Biden when ‘look how terribly Melania used to dress’,” Cousens said, adding how this was a clear incident of "women tearing down other women”. This comes after Dr Biden traveled on Executive One Foxtrot, dressed as a flight attendant as part of an April Fool's prank.


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Soon, many drew comparisons between her and Melania, slamming the current first lady's fashion choices as a far downgrade from the previous one's. Others shared photos of Melania's days as a swimwear model and other explicit photos from her past to defend the FLOTUS. Some however claimed that there was no need to tear down either of the two for their sartorial choices.

Melania had been the focal point of all criticism when she wore her 'I really don't care, do u?' green Zara Parka jacket to a child detention center in June 2018. That wasn't her only brush with the media, with former US Rep Jason Chafetz claiming last year that the previous FLOTUS couldn't even dream of the kind of 'fawning' that media has showered President Joe Biden's wife with. 

Melania Trump wearing her infamous 'I don't really care, do u?' jacket (Getty Images)

Be it the infamous 'pussy bow blouse' from October 2016, that time she wore a $51,000 shirt by Italian designers Dolce and Gabbana to Sicily, or opting for stilettos to visit Hurricane Harvey's damages or even the Zara jacket that she later claimed was a message to her critics, it has been consistently difficult for the former first lady to evade media's criticism when it comes to fashion. In her October 2018 trip to Kenya, Melania was criticized for donning a headwear that had colonial connotations in the continent. Melania had told the press she wishes “people would focus on what I do, not what I wear," but to no avail. 

Melania, who has been affiliated to the GOP, was also unfairly treated by the liberal media, Chaffetz had claimed in his op-ed. Alleging how liberal media favor Democrat first ladies like Michelle Obama and Dr Biden over Melania, Chaffetz wrote: "I find it sad that an unscrupulous liberal media treated Mrs Trump so unfairly compared to their obsequious coverage of former first lady Michelle Obama and now Jill Biden. Even traditionally nonpolitical outlets ignored Mrs Trump and dismissed her."

Jill Biden hid in the overhead cabin on Air Force Two to surprise staff back in 2014 (Justin Sink via Twitter)

Especially criticizing how the media allegedly chose to highlight Melania's fashion choices, the former rep had written: "Despite her successful career as a fashion model, we didn't get the barrage of stories about Mrs Trump’s wardrobe choices that bombarded us when Michelle Obama was first lady. Many didn't miss such coverage, but the discrepancy is telling. Mrs Trump's 'Be Best' campaign confronted some of the most challenging issues facing children today, highlighting three important pillars: wellbeing, online safety and opioid abuse."

Shortly after that op-ed, Donald Trump had accused magazines of not giving the then-FLOTUS a single cover opportunity during his term in office. The then-president had tweeted calling Melania "the greatest (First Lady) of all time," while retweeting a Breitbart post. An audio of Melania saying she's not the least bit interested in Vogue or other magazine covers was later outed by an ex-staffer. But it's worth noting that while Melania was never granted a magazine cover, interested in it or otherwise, Michelle Obama enjoyed 12 of them in her two terms as first lady, including three Vogue covers.

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