Jill Biden's fishnets and black boots spark controversy, trolls compare ‘Cyndi Lauper wannabe’ to Melania Trump

Jill Biden's fishnets and black boots spark controversy, trolls compare ‘Cyndi Lauper wannabe’ to Melania Trump
The internet is drawing comparisons between First Lady Jill Biden and former First Lady Melania Trump (Getty Images)

April Fool's Day was eventful for First Lady Jill Biden as she pulled a prank midair and turned heads with her outfit that’s become the topic of discussion on the internet. Social media users aren’t able to get over her fishnet stockings paired with black boots, a look that has many comparing her to former First Lady Melania Trump. 

On Thursday, April 1, Jill traveled on Executive One Foxtrot. While she was flying, she reportedly dressed as a flight attendant, with a black wig on and a name tag that read “Jasmine”. FLOTUS went on to prank everyone on the airline by handing them Dove ice creams, before revealing her true identity. Jill, nonetheless, won the appreciation of social media users for her waggishness but became subject to trolls and critics for her choice of outfit. 


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Jill's outfit soon triggered reactions as more and more people took to Twitter to offer their opinion about her outfit. While some were seen drawing comparisons between her and Melania, a few "slut-shamed" both the FLOTUS' for carrying a certain outfit that seems to have created a controversy. Meanwhile, a few shared explicit pictures from Melania's past in Jill's defense. 

One tweeted, "You've got to be kidding. @FLOTUS looks like a Cyndi Lauper wannabe at an Eighties-themed high school reunion. I wasn't enamored with Trump, but it's undeniable that Melania as @FLOTUS45 was both better looking and dressed with better taste than Dr. Biden ever was or will be." Another wrote, "Exactly, both FLOTUS in Melania and Mrs. Biden shouldn’t be attacked for literally nothing. Was only a few months ago Melania was ridiculed for Christmas decorations and gardening. Kinda sad people whinge about this kinda thing. I think Mrs. Biden looks hot in those tights" Adding to the above tweets one tweeted, "Dirty Conservatives mock FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden. Then in their comments Dems freely giving them all the Melania Porn. Dems we know she is not on the same level as the Dr. But please, stop feeding the hogs..... #FLOTUS #DrJill".

Another tweeted, "At least the First Lady didn't plagiarize Michelle Obama's speech, ravage the Rose Garden, or spew racist birther lies. Dr. Biden has a quality sorely lacking in the previous miscreant - its called "CLASS". #FLOTUS #FreshVoicesRise #DemVoice1"Another tweet read, "Someone has to be rude to MAGA cult freaks. They bashed Obama and now Biden but got all offended when one bad thing was said about the dumpster fire 45. Even today, Dr. Biden is getting bashed for wearing stocking when the last FLOTUS, did soft porn. So yea...I’m mean."






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