Prince Harry and David Beckham got into it on phone call after Meghan accused Victoria of leaking stories

Prince Harry and David Beckham got into it on phone call after Meghan accused Victoria of leaking stories
Meghan Markle accused Victoria Beckham of indiscretion, which led to a difficult call between Prince Harry and David Beckham (Roy Rochlin/Getty Images and Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

A new book on the British royals claims that after Meghan Markle accused Victoria Beckham of "indiscretion," Prince Harry and David Beckham had an unpleasant phone discussion. According to Tom Bower's new book 'Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors,' the royals became paranoid about the unfavorable news coverage about them.
The book also claims that they passed their evenings browsing through press articles and social media posts about them. Bower said that Meghan and Harry were certain that one of their pals was leaking information about them to the media, and they were scrambling to identify the source.


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The book goes into detail about the royal couple's obsession with news coverage. A passage reads, "Harry and Meghan were shackled. Every night they scoured the internet to read the newspaper reports and the trolls’ postings on social media. Irrationally, they grouped the two together and fed each other’s frenzy about the media. Convinced that as champions of goodness they were being persecuted by mendacity and racism, they felt victimized by the mildest criticism."
"Harry’s instability fed Meghan’s fears that friends were leaking stories to the media. In particular, she suspected Victoria Beckham of indiscretion. Harry called David Beckham to repeat the accusation. Outraged, Beckham’s truthful denials damaged their relationship," the book further adds. Because of their involvement with the Football Association, the Beckhams are friendly with both the royals, William and Harry. Victoria and David Beckham even participated in the royal weddings.
'Revenge,' which was released today, has been referred to as a book Meghan Markle would dread to read. Several shocking allegations have been made in excerpts publicly before its official release, including that Meghan tossed a cup of tea in the air while on a royal tour and that the Queen was relieved Meghan couldn't go to Prince Philip's burial. Bower also said that Harry and Meghan haven't been involved in the writing process of the book.
Apparently, David and Harry had an "awkward meeting" at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee festivities last month. According to The Sun, David "quickly put Harry right" and both of them agreed to move on. However, the encounter "certainly made things awkward for a while. "
That said, the former player still has a great deal of respect for the monarch, and much of it was on display during his adoring address at the jubilee. "For 70 years, you have worked so incredibly hard, not just for the people of this country but also for the whole Commonwealth. Thank you, ma'am, for your dedication, your service, and for everything that you represent," Beckham said.

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