'Miss Me Me and the Bully': Meghan Markle and Ellen slammed after cringy show

Ellen DeGeneres suggested via the earpiece that Meghan Markle ask for 'something real hot' by telling the vendor, 'Mommy wants some heat'

                            'Miss Me Me and the Bully': Meghan Markle and Ellen slammed after cringy show
Meghan Markle's prank on 'The Ellen Show' slammed (The Ellen Show)

Meghan Markle was heavily criticized after she played a prank on a group of Los Angeles street vendors, dancing and singing in front of them while referring to herself as 'mommy' and drinking milk from a baby bottle, as part of her appearance on 'The Ellen Show.'

During her surprise appearance on the final season of Ellen DeGeneres' talk show, the Duchess went out of the studio to pull a prank on a trio of vendors, where she was supposed to do and say anything and everything the talk show host told her through a hidden earpiece. Meghan first targeted a crystal stall as the TV host asked her to say she has “healing powers” to the seller. Ellen asked her to do this while musing at the crystals that were on display and then asked her to hold one of the crystals against her head and chant.


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Meghan eats chip like a chipmunk, swigs milk from a baby bottle


Next, came a hot dog vendor, where Meghan began "bouncing up and down" in excitement at Ellen's request. The former royal asked the man: "What do we have here? What have you got, what have you got, what have you got?" While she inspected the bottles of hot sauce lined up on the table, Meghan said: "Let mommy have a taste. My boo loves hot sauce." She was instructed to chomp down a hot sauce-covered chip, handed to her by the vendor, "like a chipmunk."

She nibbled on the snack while holding it to her mouth with both hands, before telling the salesman: "That's not spicy! Let me try something real hot, mommy wants some heat." After devouring the next chip with a particularly hot brand of sauce, she exclaimed: "Mommy needs some milk." Meghan then pulled out a baby bottle from her purse and started swigging milk from it to everyone's bewilderment. 


At one point, Ellen made Meghan pull two pairs of cat ears out of her purse, and tell a third vendor that she wanted to show her "what she does for her kids to entertain them". The former Suits' actress then burst into song, dancing around with the ears on her head while holding her hands up like kitten paws and singing: "I'm a kitten mew mew mew. You're a kitten mew mew mew. Mew mew mew, mew mew mew."

'She’s married to a prince and she does that?'

Soon enough the clip of her prank went viral on social media, outraging many royal fans. "Omg, and she's the wife of a Prince in line to the throne. I'm proper cringing," one of them said, while another noted, "The Meghan Markle prank on @TheEllenShow is embarrassing. She’s married to a prince and she does that?" A third commented, "Look-at-me-Me-MEEEEEE, Me-me-Meghan, the performing seal, eager to humiliate herself for the cameras & 'fame.' Is there nothing Me-me won't stoop to for a few dollars & a headline." One more added, "I think the prank was played on Meghan by Ellen by the Narc didn’t get the joke." "Ellen clearly showed how much she Enjoys being a BULLY making Meghan GROVEL all for the sake of the god of Visibility! Ellen disguised her sadistic nature calling it a 'prank.' Yet Meghan clearly sold herself playing the FOOL all for the sake of air time!" one more quipped.

Another wrote, "Imagine Kate doing this.Yi! She is living out her 'I am an A-List Actress who JUST made it big b/c u all LOVE my work, now I'm being paid millions to entertain & enlighten u while promoting my new skincare line & everything I do makes you laugh!' life." A commenter tweeted, "Meghan's 'prank' was noisy, and she suddenly started singing with her cat ears. #Meghan." One of them pointed out, "Prankster? No, more like fool! Isn't it interesting how none of the vendors or ppl around her are clamoring and fawning over her, hell they don't know who she is!! The sure knew Ellen though. Perhaps ODT isn't as well known and popular in the U.S." A person reacted with, "The moaning and crying you are hearing is Diana in her grave. What an utter disgrace and carnival of stupidity to do this to your yourself, your husband and all your family members."


















"I just watched the show. Literally. I am so not a fan of #MeghanMarkle, & I rarely if ever watch @TheEllenShow . Happened to tune into today, & seen that Meghan was on. When she first came on I was . Then when she did that prank skit thing, she KIND OF won me over, A BIT., a viewer tweeted. "So funny! I don’t know why people hate on her so much, she seems like someone I’d love to be friends with. Not everyone would go on national TV and act all silly like this and eat like a chipmunk," wrote a viewer defending Meghan.

"The Brits will have a field day with this! Has anyone’s checked on @piersmorgan ??," said one social media user referring to how acerbic Piers gets when it comes to Meghan Markle. "I can not wait for this show. Love Megan she is so down to earth," wrote another social media user clearly finding the whole prank hilarious.









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