'Good luck, Megan Fox': Machine Gun Kelly trolled for calling TikToker 'dumb b**ch' after she called him 'sis'

TikToker Emmie, username @emmielamp on the video uploading platform, shared the DMs that MGK sent to her in 2019, way before he started dating Megan

                            'Good luck, Megan Fox': Machine Gun Kelly trolled for calling TikToker 'dumb b**ch' after she called him 'sis'
TikToker Emmie claims that Machine Gun Kelly 'cussed' her out when she called him 'sis' (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images/ [email protected])

People started trolling Machine Gun Kelly after a TikToker revealed DMs that the rapper sent to her, and also alleged a heated exchange with him where he called her a 'dumb b***h' and a 'weird b***h.'

TikToker Emmie, who goes by the username @emmielamp on the video uploading platform, shared with her followers the DMs that MGK sent to her in 2019, way before he started dating Megan Fox. MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, messaged Emmie on Instagram and even invited her to meet him in Cleveland. In a video that went viral, she also shared screenshots of him liking her Instagram posts apart from direct messaging and texting her.




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Emmie claims MGK 'cussed her out'


Since he was her “biggest celebrity crush”, Emmie said she was “fangirling like crazy.” However, things quickly went south after she accidentally called him “sis," when she picked up his dropped hat off of the floor and handed it back to him. Followers of beauty and makeup influencer James Charles would know that "sis" is how he likes to greet his fans. It is unclear if MGK was aware of the reference as Emmie claims he “cussed her out” and called her a “dumb b***h” and “weird b***h.”

His reaction drove her to tears as she said that she excused herself to use the restroom, before crying and going home. 

“Have fun, Megan Fox,” she jokes at the end of her video. In a follow-up video, Emmie says that the night was actually “crazier” than she described, and while she had no intention of hurting the rapper, he found it disrespectful. 

'Masculinity’s fragile girllll'


Emmie's video went viral and people started commenting underneath her video, trolling MGK for behaving rudely with the TikToker. “I’m DYING that you called him sis and he had a full meltdown. Masculinity’s fragile girllll” one user said. Another wrote, “We call girls ‘bro” all the time, why shouldn’t we call dudes ‘sis.'"

Some viewers wrote about similar encounters they allegedly had with MGK. “My friend had a really similar thing happen with him… She went to see him play he invited her to hang out after the show," one person wrote. One comment claimed, “I’m from Oklahoma, & know two girls around here he’s hooked up with." Another alleged, "He hooked up with a girl from my hometown after one of his concerts." A number of people have since flooded MGK’s Instagram posts with the comment “hey sis."

MGK has not apologized to Emmie


In a statement to the Daily Dot, Emmie said she didn’t expect her video to go viral. Adding that she wasn’t “trying to throw dirt on his name” Emmie said that she found the response to her story funny. Although her TikTok video has gone viral, Emmie said that she was not expecting MGK to reach out to her.

“After it happened I was so embarrassed I remember going in the bathroom to cry and calling my friend Megan to pick me up in tears. I honestly don’t know what I expected going into the situation, but definitely not that. Looking back on it now it’s a funny story to tell!! I do wish he would’ve reached out or even apologized but it is what it is. Based on all the other stories I think that’s just the kind of person he is," she said.

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