Megan Thee Stallion joins BTS in 'PTD on stage', ARMY hails 'moment in pop culture'

Fans can't stop making memes and sharing fancams of the iconic stage as Megan joins the global K-pop group on day 2 of their LA concert

                            Megan Thee Stallion joins BTS in 'PTD on stage', ARMY hails 'moment in pop culture'
Megan joins BTS at LA concert (@JmJk1108_17, @bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS’ 4-day LA concert at SoFi stadium is getting pretty eventful. The global K-pop group is having offline concerts with a live audience after 2 years. Previously, their ‘Map of the Soul’ world tour was canceled due to the pandemic which had fans disheartened. But to make it up, BTS is going all out for their stages at Los Angeles. And fans are more hyped than ever as we had every single hotel near SoFi stadium fully booked and cars with BTS-personalized license plates filling the streets of LA. Well, it seems worth it because BTS’ day 2 has none other Megan Thee Stallion performing.

BTS and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘ButterTheeRemix’ just might be the collaboration of the year. We first had Megan taking her label to court as she was not allowed to release her verse. Following the iconic release, 3J -- J-hope, Jungkook and Jimin dropped an exclusive dance cover to the ‘Butter’ remix. We also got the two acts getting together in NYC as BTS was in the city for their speech at UNGA. Fans were also supposed to get a live performance with Megan at the 2021 AMAs which was unfortunately canceled as she couldn’t make it to the award show.

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Megan Thee Stallion surprises everyone by joining BTS at LA concert

But ARMY and Hotties do not have to wait anymore. Fans first saw Megan along with Becky G and Zayn on day 1 of BTS’ LA concert. After that, during the soundcheck of BTS’ second day at SoFi, the ARMY lined up outside the stadium heard Megan and realized that she would be joining the K-pop supergroup. And it is finally happening. The day 2 concert on November 28 that is currently going on, saw Megan Thee Stallion surprising the audience at the beginning of the ‘Butter’ stage when everyone shouted her catchphrase, “It’s thee hot girl coach.”

'They look so hot'

And fans are going gaga over the collab stage. They trended ‘BUTTERTHEEREMIX’ as they posted photos and fancams of the performance on Twitter. One ARMY shared, “YOONGI POINTED AT MEGAN WHILE SINGING THE LINE "GOT THAT RIGHT BODY AND THAT RIGHT MIND" BYE I WILL LITERALLY NOT STOP POSTING FANCAMS FROM BUTTERTHEEREMIX.” Another added, “Houston’s finest in the room with bosses.”

One tweeted, “Megan and Namjoon vibing together! I love to see it.” Another fan posted, “MEGTAN COLLAB OF THE CENTURY.” One ARMY commented, “The way they let Megan stand in the center position.” “I’m gonna get this picture tattooed on my mthf*****  skin IS THE HOT GIRL COUCH AND BTS,” said one fan. Another ARMY shared, “This is the duo we never knew we needed.” One added, “OMG JUNGKOOK HES SO FUCKIN CUTE THEY LOOK SOOO HOT WITH MEGAN NAJAJSJSS.” Another user said, 'a moment in pop culture'.









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