J-hope got 5-minute screentime at 3-hour LA concert, BTS fans trend 'deserves better’

One fan said, 'This is really frustrating.. it's the first concert after 2 years and this is who they treat the most interactive member of the group?'

                            J-hope got 5-minute screentime at 3-hour LA concert, BTS fans trend 'deserves better’
J-hope has also responded to fans (@bts_bighit, @BTS_twt/Twitter)

BTS and ARMY are having the time of their lives after the global K-pop group finally had their first offline concert in two years. Back in September, they surprised fans by announcing that along with their online ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ concert, they would also be holding four offline concerts at SoFi stadium in LA with a live audience. And while day 1 was a success on November 27, some fans are unhappy with the screen-time J-hope got.

BTS had their last world tour in 2018 and 2019 for ‘Love Yourself’. Following that, they had announced the ‘Map of the Soul’ tour which was ultimately canceled due to the pandemic. Fans were heartbroken, but BTS announced the LA stops with hints that there would be a world tour in 2022. BTS were first in LA for their historic win at the 2021 AMAs after which they were seen enjoying themselves at Harry Styles’ concert with the likes of Lizzo.

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J-hope gets 5-minute screentime in 3-hour concert

And on November 27, during the first day of the LA concerts, fans pointed out the star-studded audience as there were rumors that some ARMY had spotted Zayn, Becky G and Megan Thee Stallion in the crowd. And while fans enjoyed the first day, some of J-hope’s fans are upset that in a 3-hour concert, he had very few lines and screen time. Some fans calculated and came to the conclusion that the BTS star only had approximately 5 minutes of screen time. They trended #JhopeDeservesBetter and #GiveJhopeLines with the hope that the remaining days would have a different setlist that would allow him to shine.

Some ARMY pointed out that this being BTS’ first concert with a live audience in a long time would have had all the members excited. This is why it was disappointing that J-hope was not given a chance to show off everything that he worked hard on for his fans. With the uproar caused by fans, we also had J-hope coming online to assure ARMY that everything was alright. He posted a screenshot of him listening to the BTS song ‘I’m Fine’.



Fans had a lot to say as some hoped the setlist for the remaining stages would change. Other angry fans countered that BigHit did not deserve him and that J-hope should go solo. And others were more relaxed as they said that people were overthinking it, “MAN WAS LIVIN' THE BEST MOMENTS OF HIS LIFE AND WAS LEGIT SO HAPPY WHY Y'ALL GOTTA OVERANALYZE THINGS. LIKE LEGIT HIS DANCE K!LLED EVERYONE AND DO YOU THINK JHOPE ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT HIS LINES!?!? MAN WANTED TO PERFORM AND HE FREAKIN LOVED WHATEVER HE DID.”

But another ARMY pointed out, “I can't find as much videos and pictures of him performing. I thought it was just me. Apparently, his verses did not form part of the line up. He better have more verses esp on online streaming on 4th day concert.” One fan said that this was a recurring thing and they hoped that he would just go solo, “I didn’t see “BTS IS 7” trending when hyundai didn’t include hsk and shutterlock didn’t include hsk pics. But those twts had 100k like each. We don’t shut up about his mistreatments anymore.”





One fan added, “This is really frustrating.. it's the first concert after 2 years and this is who they treat the most interactive member of the group?? Not to mention that it's quite ridiculous that his verses were cut in more than one song..” Another ARMY simply stated, “I just want my best boy to get all the love and happiness , He doesn't deserve this bad treatment never J-HOPE DESERVES BETTER.” One fan posted that fans asking J-hope to go solo was extreme, “We all know Jhope deserves better but don't act like you own him or have all rights on him. He is a grown man who knows what's Going on Stop telling him to Leave BTS, or go solo and what not,.. BTS is 7 and even without 1 member BTS ain't goin to be BTS."





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