'Teen Mom 2': Meet Briana DeJesus, Kailyn Lowry, Ashley Jones and others from Season 10 cast before premiere

It'll be interesting to see the new controversies being stirred up and the drama that will ensue in the new season of this long-running massive hit series

                            'Teen Mom 2': Meet Briana DeJesus, Kailyn Lowry, Ashley Jones and others from Season 10 cast before premiere
Briana DeJesus, Kailyn Lowry, Ashley Jones will be appearing on Season 10 of 'Teen Mom 2' starting May 4, 2021 (Instagram)

Even as the world continues to fight with the still-raging pandemic, some things go on as usual especially if you are a mother. No situation is big enough or relevant enough to warrant going off mom duties and 'Teen Mom 2' mothers are forging ahead, making big moves, and will be back on your screens on Wednesday, May 4, 2021. 

Chelsea Houska quit the show in November 2020 on a positive note. “We are forever thankful to MTV and our crew, who are like family to us,” she continued her message on Tuesday, November 10. “We’re parting on the best of terms and will stay in touch long after this. We’re proud to have been able to share our story and are so grateful to the fans who have followed our journey from the beginning," read another excerpt from her lengthy statement.


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Briana DeJesus, Jae Cline, Kailyn Lowry, and Leah Messer will all be returning to the series in Season 10. 'Young+Pregnant' star Ashley Jones will also be making her debut on the show as a replacement of Houska. Each of them will continue to share their struggles and achievements whether personal or professional on the show and embrace fresh starts and new opportunities. Before the season goes on air, here's a look at the recent developments in their lives.

Briana DeJesus

Briana DeJesus is struggling with a couple of health issues and in the end of April 2021, she had posted some photos from inside a hospital room. She even said that her doctors wanted her to take Benadryl and were administering steroid shots to her in now-deleted tweets. A publication reported that DeJesus tweeted about being asked by her doctors to take prednisone. 

Sometime later, in a chat with a fan, she revealed, "I'm either having a bad allergic reaction to something or it's issues with my kidney. Doctors are still trying to figure out what's wrong. For now, I'm on steroids, antibiotics, and [an] antihistamine." In April, the teen mom made headlines after joining OnlyFans. She has no plans to post nude photos but she reportedly made $10,000 in her first week on the platform.

The mother of two daughters Nova, 9, and Stella, 3, was asked by fans if she would ever star in an adult movie. She revealed she received an offer once in the past but turned it down. "Not for me," she said, according to The Hollywood Gossip



Kailyn Lowry

In the recent past, Kailyn Lowry has gone public with her hormonal disorder diagnosis. She talked about her health ailment in March on an episode of her podcast Coffee Convos. She elaborated a little more during a Q&A with her fans on Instagram. On being asked how she was dealing with PCOS,  Lowry said, "Honestly, not well. I thought I was going to just be able to cut out the foods I needed to but it's way harder than I thought. I'm overwhelmed with information. Not really sure where to start again."

Apart from her health issues, Lowry's love life is something that has been constantly speculated about and the MTV star decided to clear the air surrounding her relationship with ex-partner Chris Lopez. The speculation began on March 4 after she asked in an Instagram story, “Is it possible to move forward in a romantic relationship with a partner after fights and a lot of personal drama with the relationship have gone public?”

While it was not clear who Lowry was talking about in the cryptic video, many fans jumped to the conclusion that she was indeed hinting at a reunion with Lopez. However, her interview with an outlet days before the premiere tells a different story. In reaction to the dating rumors, Lowry said, "But no -- we're co-parenting. That's it."



Jade Cline 

Jade Cline was recently dissed by her ex Sean Austin in the new song 'Toxic' under his rap alter ego Svnsxx. While he hasn't directly mentioned her name in the track or mentioned anywhere else, the lyrics of the chorus are believed to be aimed at Cline. "Said I'm a loser, Drugged up user, Makin' music's all I do, B*tch confusion, I've been through it, I won't do this sh*t with you." the lyrics of a verse read while Svnxx repeatedly laments "not your type at all, really not your type at all" in the chorus. 

Recently, she also gave her half a million followers on Instagram a tour of her plush new trailer. While showing off the changes she had made to it, Cline told fans she couldn't wait to go camping. "Ok so I bought a new camper and I'm starting a project today! I'm changing the interior design and all the colors! Can't wait to share with you guys," she had shared with fans before giving fans the tour of her "super cute and comfy" camper.  

During an interactive session with her fans, one of them asked "Are you single?" and Cline replied, "Yasssss" with a tongue-out laughing face emoji. Another fan asked if she was broken up with Lopez because he was spotted on Tinder. Jade responded, "IM SCREAMINGGGGG they can have him lmaooooooo," along with multiple laughing emojis



Leah Messer 

Messer has recently made it clear that her focus is on her kids and business and nothing else at the moment. In a chat with a publication, she said, "I’m just focused on my business and at the end of the day, I just want to build something for my daughters at home. I’m open to a date [with other people], but nothing exclusive.” She also shut down speculation if she and ex Jeremy Calvert will ever get back together. 

“There’s absolutely no hope for me and Jeremy getting back together. And I would love it if fans would simmer that one out." she said. The mother of Aleeah, Aliannah, and Adalynn has made it clear she has got nothing to do with her ex and shut down all rumours once and for all.

Like Lowry, Messer too faces a health issue and the show will document the concerns about her health. In a confessional, Messer says, "And today I am going in for an ultrasound of the lump on my breast -- right breast. As far as like how I'm feeling... I don't know how to feel. I mean, I don't want to speak anything into existence. I just want to be extra cautious and make sure that I keep up with my own health so I can continue to take care of my babies."



Ashley Jones 

Jones is making her debut on 'Teen Mom 2' but MTV audiences know her from her 'Young + Pregnant' days. Here's a little background on the 'Teen Mom' debutant before Season 10 premieres. Ashley is from Oakland, California, and made her MTV debut on 'Young + Pregnant' documenting the birth of her now three-year-old daughter, Holly, and her explosive on-and-off relationship with Holly's dad, Bariki Smith. Committed to giving Holly the best life she can, Ashley started school to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. Bar's lack of motivation drove him and Ashley apart for a while, but now they're back together and better than ever.

Bar recently got his GED and decided it was time to step up and propose to Ashley -- and she said yes -- but the road ahead remains rocky. Their families don't get along and are now standing in the way of the wedding of their dreams. Will Ashley and bar elope to avoid the drama? Or will they give their loved ones the benefit of the doubt and risk another family feud?



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