Who are Hot Issue? Rookie K-pop girl group adds two new members Dana and Hyeongshin ahead of their debut

Who are Hot Issue? Rookie K-pop girl group adds two new members Dana and Hyeongshin ahead of their debut
(Top L-R) Dana, Hyeongshin (Bottom L-R) Mayna, Nahyun, of Hot Issue (hotissue_s2 Instagram)

Several new K-pop groups have been announced over the past couple of months and the latest to stir up headlines is girl group Hot Issue. If you're an avid K-pop fan and are always on the lookout for new groups to stan, you will want to be introduced to Hot Issue.

They're working hard and getting ready for their official debut happening this year.


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Who is Hot Issue?

Hot Issue (written as 핫이슈 in Korean) is an upcoming girl group who have formed under S2 Entertainment. The word "Hot" in their moniker is actually an acronym that stands for "Honest, Outstanding, and Terrific." Adding "Issue" to their name, the girls aim to set their goals high as the next big thing and as a K-pop group to watch out for.


Hot Issue's upcoming debut will mark the first rookie girl group to debut under S2 Entertainment, which was established by former Cube Entertainment founder Hong Seung Sung. S2 Entertainment was founded in 2020 and by November of last year, reports shared the company's foundation and announced that the agency will be debuting a girl group in the first half of 2021.


On March 7, 2021, after the group's name was revealed, S2 Entertainment released a teaser photo, titled 'Coming Soon', indicating that they will soon be debuting their girl group within the next three months. On March 16, an official date was revealed for their debut and was followed by an image revealing the silhouette of three unrevealed girls the next day. 


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The first members to be introduced, Nahyun and Mayna, were revealed on March 22. Yesterday (March 23), the profile photos for its latest introduced members, Hyeongshin and Dana, were released. It is unclear if there will be more members to be introduced in the future or not. Check out the members' profiles, as per the info on Kpop Profiles, below.



Birth Name: Kang Na Hyun 
Year of Birth: 2002


Nahyun is tapped as Hot Issue's leader and one of the main vocalists. She is a former trainee of Cube Entertainment (2016) and Source Music (2017) and proved her talent when she got accepted in the first round auditions for JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment, WM Entertainment and Starship Entertainment.



Birth Name: Shaoxi Mengna
Birthday: May 12, 2000


The group's stunning main dancer, Mayna is of Romanian-Chinese descent and was born in Beijing, China. Also having lived in Spain, she can speak multiple languages including Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Romanian. Having been a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment, she was also a member of YHGIRLS.



Birth Name: Kim Hyung Shin
Birthday: May 3, 2002


As a multitalented artist, Hyeongshin's position in Hot Issue is that of main dancer and rapper. She studied at the School of Performing Arts Seoul and is also a member of a dance crew called Velvety. Hyeongshing loves to keep active, regularly playing tennis, basketball, and exercising, and her hobbies include listening to music and watching movies.




As the latest Hot Issue members to be introduced, there is currently little known info on Dana, but we do know that she will be both a dancer and singer in the group and she has shown strong musical ability as a composer and song-writer  


Debut date

Their debut is scheduled for April 2021. It is currently unclear what form of musical iteration will be released.

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