Who is TRI.BE? Check out the photos and profiles of Universal Music's new K-pop girl group debuting in 2021

EXID's producer Shinsadong Tiger and Universal Music are debuting a brand-new South Korean girl group this year, check out their new photos here

                            Who is TRI.BE? Check out the photos and profiles of Universal Music's new K-pop girl group debuting in 2021
SoEun of K-pop girl group TRI.BE (Instagram/TRI.BE)

K-pop lovers, get ready to add another name to your playlists as we're likely going to be introduced to an all-new girl group in the imminent future. On December 29, it was announced that South Korean producer-songwriter Shinsadong Tiger and the world's largest record label Universal Music are collaborating to co-produce and form the new K-pop group TRI.BE. The group's members include the stunning Jinha, Hyunbin, Soeun, SongSun, Mirae, Jia, and Kelly. See their new photos and profiles below.

Tiger and Universal Music are preparing the stage for a global girl group that leverages their skills from their impressive resumes on a large scale. According to Soompi, an official said, “All the members who are about to debut have a versatile, visual talent and unique charm. As we sweat to stand in front of our fans with a more perfect figure, we ask for much anticipation and support". A source related to TRI.BE also stated, “The group will continue to raise expectations with a diverse set of promotional teasers. More member profiles will be revealed soon so please be on the lookout.”

On January 4, the group's official name and logo were introduced as they extended their online presence to newly launched social media channels. According to reports, TRI.BE will make their debut sometime in February.

Who is TRI.BE?

The moniker, TRI.BE, (pronounced as "try-bee") is the combination of “Tri” from “triangle,” a symbol of wholeness, and “Be,” meaning to exist. Put together, their name translates to a “perfect existence.” 

On August 21, 2020, 7 trainees were introduced under the tentative group name LIONGIRLS, starting with Japanese trainee Sumire. She was then followed by Kim HyunBin on August 25, Chinese trainee Jia on August 28, Bang Soeun on September 2, Kim Jinha on September 7, Taiwanese trainee Kelly on September 10, and finally Kim SongSun on November 16.

Shinsadong Tiger

Their producer Shinsadong Tiger is a prominent figure in the Korean pop music industry. In 2010, he was named the "New Generation Producer" at the 18th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards, and in 2011 he was named as one of the most influential figures in the South Korean music industry by OSEN. Tiger is also the producer of the popular girl group EXID and the founder of their label, AB Entertainment.

Kim Song Sun (SongSun)


Birthday: March 22, 1997
Position: Vocalist

According to Kpop Profiles, SongSun has trained for eight years and her artistic skills range from singing, to dancing, to playing the piano. She was a member of the pre-debut girl group Banana Culture Girls (Newkid).

One of her curious hobbies is using her phone before she sleeps. One of her favorite foods is rice cake and her favorite color is red. 

Kelly Lin (Kelly)


Birthday: January 16, 2002
Position: Vocalist

Kelly is Taiwanese and a singer who was a participant on 'Youth With You 2', under the stage name of Kelly Lin, but she was eliminated in episode 10, finishing on rank  No. 64. Kelly can play the piano (having studied for 10 years) and violin. Like her bandmate SongSun, she also likes to use her phone before sleep and she likes to exercise. One of her favorite foods is sundae (blood sausage). Her favorite karaoke song is Anne-Marie's '2002'.

Kim Jin Ha (JinHa)


Birthday: November 21, 2003
Position: Dancer

JinHa has trained for 1 year and 6 months and like many of us, enjoys a good movie or two before going to bed and likes to stand out on camera. Her favorite color is purple and one of her favorite foods is intestines. Her choice pick for is 'Marry Me' by Maktub and Heo Gayoon.

Kim Hyun Bin (HyunBin)


Birthday: May 26, 2004
Position: Dancer

Like SongSun, HyunBin was also part of Newkid, and is an avid fan of dancing who had three years of training. She has a lot of specific preferences when it comes to food and one of her hobbies includes cooking. Her favorite food is a popular Korean dish called tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cakes) Her favorite animal is a panda and, ironically, her favorite colors are black and white. JinHa thinks that Hyunbin resembles Majorika from the anime 'Magical DoReMi'.

Guo Jiajia (Jia)


Birthday: July 30, 2005
Position: Vocalist

Jia is Chinese. She is a model and a singer who has trained for 1 year and 6 months. She can play the piano and loves to sing Chinese songs for karoake. She also enjoys spending time on her phone before bed. Her favorite color is pink and is passionate about spicy food.

Bang So Eun (SoEun)


Birthday: December 10, 2005
Position: Vocalist

The youngest member of TRI.BE, SoEun is a trainee of 1 year and 5 months. SoEun and HyunBin were MCs for the Monthly MUBEAT broadcast in June 2020. She is the gamer of the group and fan of the famous battle royale game, 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'. She also loves to eat tteokbokki and her favorite color is purple. Her favorite karaoke song is 'Will Be Fine' by Park Boram.

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