Was Meat Loaf vaxxed? 'Bat Out Of Hell' singer was CRITICAL after catching Covid before death

Meat Loaf was supposed to attend a business dinner for a show titled 'I'd Do Anything for Love' but the dinner was canceled because he got Covid

                            Was Meat Loaf vaxxed? 'Bat Out Of Hell' singer was CRITICAL after catching Covid before death
Singer Meat Loaf performs at the Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk Contest at the Philips Arena during the 2003 NBA All-Star weekend on February 8, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia (Getty Images)

Legendary singer Meat Loaf became critically ill after getting Covid before his death at the age of 74 on Thursday, January 20. Now, his fans are wondering if he ever got vaccinated against the coronavirus before his passing. 

Meat Loaf's family posted the following statement on the star's Facebook page after his demise, "Our hearts are broken to announce that the incomparable Meat Loaf passed away tonight with his wife Deborah by his side. Daughters Pearl and Amanda and close friends have been with him throughout the last 24 hours. His amazing career spanned six decades that saw him sell over 100 million albums worldwide and star in over 65 movies, including 'Fight Club,' 'Focus,' 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' and 'Wayne's World.' 'Bat Out of Hell' remains one of the top ten selling albums of all time."



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The post added, 'We know how much he meant to so many of you and we truly appreciate all of the love and support as we move through this time of grief in losing such an inspiring artist and beautiful man. We thank you for your understanding of our need for privacy at this time. From his heart to your souls... don't ever stop rocking!" The exact cause of his death was not revealed. Some of the other singers who have recently died include Johnny Ventura and Lil Meri

Meat Loaf performs during a campaign rally for Mitt Romney at Defiance High School on October 25, 2012, in Defiance, Ohio (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


Was Meat Loaf vaccinated?

TMZ reported that sources with the knowledge of the moments leading up to Meat Loaf's death shared that he was supposed to attend a business dinner earlier this week for a show he's working on called 'I'd Do Anything for Love'. However, the dinner was canceled because he became seriously ill with Covid. The condition quickly became critical after that. 

The singer, whose real name is Michael Lee Aday, has been outspoken about the pandemic, fencing about vaccine mandates with folks in Australia recently. However, while discussing Covid just months before his death, he had declared, "If I die, I die - I'm not going to be controlled." It is not known whether he was vaccinated.

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published last August, he also labeled face masks a "nuisance". "I'm sorry, I understood stopping life for a little while, but they cannot continue to stop life because of politics," he told the outlet. "And right now they're stopping because of politics. And on CNN last night, it finally came out that the masks we’re all wearing are useless. But I've known that for six months. They don't do anything. They don't stop you from getting Covid. They're just a nuisance and make your nose itch and make it so you can't breathe."

Singer Meat Loaf at the world premiere of 'Runner Runner' at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on September 18, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


When the interviewer said, "We're being controlled by everybody", he replied, "Yeah, I know. But not me. If I die, I die, but I'm not going to be controlled." He also previously branded Covid "a drag" in a post from October 2020. There he wrote, "Hello everyone, nothing going on at all. That's a drag. Covid is a drag. Where I live things are open and thriving. The entertainment world hubs are in lockdown. WHY?"

However, his stance on Covid has wavered. As he had recently urged his fans to "be caring and considering" as he warned "everyone is at risk" from the virus. In March 2020, he said: "We all need to come together to fight the outbreak of this deadly virus. So, please know how to protect yourself and others around you."

'R.I.P Meatloaf. Damn you Covid'

Fans started speculating whether Meat Loaf was vaccinated. "Meat Loaf has sadly died... of Covid A few months ago he said he wasn't going to be "controlled" when asked about being vaccinated - so he probably wasn't. Why are people still risking their life and not getting the vaccine?" one of them said, while another noted, "I knew Covid wasn't finished. It had to take Meat Loaf out before it fucked off... Rip. Good watch the pick of destiny tonight in tribute." A third commented, "Ironically, it was #COVID that killed him… like a bat out if Hell. RIP #Meatloaf." 

The next remarked, "So Meatloaf died from complications from Covid. Really? When is this gonna stop??? 74 is young imo. F**k." A commenter wrote, "Ok. I really just can’t this morning. Nothing has come out officially about Meatloaf’s c.o.d. Yet, Fox 28 just said it was possibly from Covid. Then the idiot followed up by saying it was unknown whether he was vaccinated or not. Phucking stop it already." Another tweeted, "R.I.P Meatloaf. Damn you Covid."