'Mayor of Kingstown': Mike McLusky vows to look out for Bunny's cousin Hakim

'Mayor of Kingstown': Mike McLusky vows to look out for Bunny's cousin Hakim
Jeremy Renner in 'Mayor of Kingstown' (Paramount+)

Episode 5 of 'Mayor of Kingstown' saw a rather vulnerable and completely different side of Mike McLusky. Ever since his brother Mitch died, he naturally has the tendency to protect and look out for people. 

In ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode that aired on December 4, 2021, we see a whole new avatar of Kingstown's highlight, Mike McLusky (played by Jeremy Renner), as he juggles between the roles of a son, brother, colleague, friend, and now, guardian. 


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When Bunny asks Mike to take his baby cousin brother, Hakim, under his wing, Mike does hesitate at first but grows fond of him as they bond over the game, on the way to Hakim's hockey match. 

While at the game, things on ice are pretty nasty real quick, as the players trip Hakim and start beating him black and blue. On seeing this, Mike gets insanely defensive, defending the boy; blocking a couple of punches but landing some too. The two leave the stadium with bruised faces, but with the strongest drive; Hakim wishes to play hockey professionally, while Mike vows to do anything to make sure Hakeem's wishes come true. 

Later on, Mike meets up with Bunny where the two talk about the kid and his game. Bunny says that Hakim sees Mike as a superhero and an inspiration, all of which Mike humbly denies. He pours his heart out mentioning that Mitch's passing has left a mark on him for life,  and so, he will do everything in his power to look out for Hakim, as it should be. This scene is perfectly shot; the heights of vulnerability coupled with two friends hailing from difficult and different walks of life. The last leg of the episode ends with the two looking up at the night sky studded with stars, as Mike talks to Bunny about the constellations he knows and recognizes. 

New episodes of 'Mayor of Kingstown' air every Sunday at 3 am ET, on Paramount+.

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