'Mayor of Kingstown' Fan Review: Viewers hope show gets renewed for another season

Fans are obsessed with how 'Mayor of Kingstown' is panning out so far, with only good things to say about the series!

                            'Mayor of Kingstown' Fan Review: Viewers hope show gets renewed for another season
Jeremy Renner in 'Mayor of Kingstown' (Paramount+)

The up and coming crime drama series, ‘Mayor of Kingstown’, has taken viewers by storm, on the popular streaming service, Paramount+. 

The latest episode that aired on December 4, 2021, got fans thrilled to see how the storyline was panning out. With intense crime cases, juggling both his professional and personal lives, Jeremy Renner is definitely a jack of all trades; excelling in every role he puts his heart into, be it Hawkeye or Mike McLusky


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Here's what fans have to say about the recent episode of the TV show. One fan said, "Its official Jeremy Renner is staring in my two favorite TV shows of December #MayorofKingstown #Hawkeye", while another shared, "I would definitely watch a show about Dianne Wiest's character teaching American history. #MayorOfKingstown".

One fan tweeted, "Jeremy Renner Appreciation Post, He's amazing in both shows, much love i have fr his character on #MKT you're missing out if you not watching either... Ps: he's got a new song out BTW @JeremyRenner #marvel #Hawkeye #MayorOfKingstown #disney", while another shared, "Mayor of Kingstown is getting better with each passing episode and week. I hope this show will be getting renewed for a second season. #MayorOfKingstown".









One fan said, "Who's watching @JeremyRenner in #MayorofKingstown ? I'm lovin' it", while another shared, "Ignore All Bad Reviews @IMDb For #MayorofKingstown Because its .Great !!! Fkng Brilliant !!!!!".

One fan tweeted, "@RottenTomatoes is full of shit #MayorofKingstown is an incredible show. Especially, since it has picked up on ep 3", while another said, "I highly recommend watching @hawkeyeofficial and #MayorOfKingstown back to back with @JeremyRenner so you can appreciate how versatile he is as an actor. Two new favorite shows right now".









New episodes of 'Mayor of Kingstown' air every Sunday, at 3 pm ET, on Paramount+.

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