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'Mayor of Kingstown' Episode 3 Review: Jeremy Renner, great writing do justice to dark show

The cast of the crime series is what really drives the show to a success
UPDATED NOV 21, 2021
Jeremy Renner as Mike in 'Mayor of Kingstown' (Paramount+)
Jeremy Renner as Mike in 'Mayor of Kingstown' (Paramount+)

Paramount+ show 'Mayor of Kingstown' is created by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon and premiered on November 14. The crime thriller took fans by storm as soon as it was released.

The official synopsis reads: "The McLusky family are power brokers tackling themes of systemic racism, corruption, and inequality in Kingstown, Michigan — where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry". The series follows the story of the mighty influential McLusky family, and the town of Kingstown, where the prison business is the most successful and thriving industry in the city.


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If you're not one to be fairly okay with even the slightest bout of violence or graphic content, this is a heads up to brace yourselves and be on the lookout. Episode 3 of the series has some scenes that are sure to be ingrained in your mind for eons to come.

Having said that, one of the major aspects that definitely stands out in the series is the acting of Jeremy Renner (as Mike McLusky) himself and his character, bold and strong. You must have seen him as the Hawkeye from the Marvel movies and in this crime thriller, he has done a spectacular job as a crime investigator. Mike doesn't give up on any case, he lives and breathes it. In Episode 3 of the series, we see a very tired and hungover Mike, facing the repercussions of receiving the mind-numbing news of a 5-year-old being burnt alive with his mother. Mike wakes up in the same clothes, still frustrated and upset as ever, gets a cup of rocket fuel to bust open the case further. Great acting and really good writing are driving the show forward.

Each case in the series is seemingly intriguing enough for the character to be knee-deep invested. Of course, it may be just a job for most, but not just as much for the team of crime investigators, including Kyle (Taylor Handley) and Mike McLusky, and Ian Ferguson (Hugh Dillon). These officials have pledged to save lives and throw the guilty behind bars, thereby serving justice to all. 

New episodes of 'Mayor of Kingstown' air every Sunday, at 3 am ET, on Paramount+.