'Blueberry Eyes': MAX announces early release of BTS' Suga collab with cover art, fans 'can't wait'

'Blueberry Eyes' will also get an accompanying music video, featuring MAX and his wife Emily Cannon in a bathtub of blueberries

                            'Blueberry Eyes': MAX announces early release of BTS' Suga collab with cover art, fans 'can't wait'
MAX, Suga of BTS (Getty Images)

A welcome surprise for sure, pop singer MAX has set the release date for his collab with BTS member Suga earlier than previously rumored. Titled 'Blueberry Eyes', the new song is slated for a release on Tuesday, September 15.

On both his verified Instagram and Twitter accounts, the 'Hell's Kitchen Angel' singer shared the cover art of the new single, which shows he and his volleyball player wife, Emily Cannon, in a bathtub full of blueberries. Though seemingly nude, don't expect any NSFW content there as the blueberries cover enough. Check out his tweet and the cover art below. 


Fans are ecstatic over the early release date with comments in all caps like, "WAIT HUH?!!!"  and "HOLD UP TOMORROW AINT THE 18TH?!" and "I THOUGHT IT WAS FRIDAY IM GOING INSANE."




Amid all the excitement, fans also shared some humorous comments. Speaking of the blueberry bath, one fan says, "I hope it's just the top layer, otherwise there's gonna be some stains in interesting places," while another writes, "IS YOONGI HIDING."



Other comments included, "The blueberries, matching blue nails, eye tattoo. And the fact that your postures look like one big blue eye All those important details," and "CANT WAIT IM SO EXCITED."



As one of the aforementioned fans pointed out, the release date was rumored to be on September 18. Much to the hype of the ARMY, BTS member Min Yoon-gi, better known by his stage names, Suga and Agust D, is the special guest artist on the track. Additionally, fans can look forward to the track getting its own official music video. Keep an eye on the linked official video below for its exact time of release.

In July, MAX shared the playlist of his new album, 'Colour Vision', which included the new Suga collaboration, leading to a flood of tweets from the BTS Army. 'Blueberry Eyes' is the second track to arrive before the album releases on September 18. The new song is the sixth track off the album and follows the single 'Working For The Weekend' which features bbno$ with a music video that released on September 10.

MAX, who became friends with Suga while collaborating on 'Burn It' (a part of Suga's second mixtape 'D-2'), has previously commented about the BTS member to the ARMY. "He's just real. He's kind and polite. Welcoming. Never faking a smile or conversation. Passionate about what he does. He's a good guy," he said. Now, Yoon-gi is returning the favor with 'Blueberry Eyes'.


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