MAX and Suga's collab 'Blueberry Eyes' makes BTS fans say they can't wait two months for 'Colour Vision'

'Blueberry Eyes sounds amazing, Yoon-gi is gonna bless us one more time'

                            MAX and Suga's collab 'Blueberry Eyes' makes BTS fans say they can't wait two months for 'Colour Vision'
MAX, Suga (Getty Images)

While MAX is gearing for the release of his upcoming album 'Colour Vision', the BTS Army sent out a flood of tweets on July 24 after finding out that Yoon-gi is featuring on one of the tracks. The album is releasing September 18, 2020 and the sixth track 'Blueberry Eyes' features the beloved BTS member, who is known by his stage names Suga and Agust D.

MAX has been teasing the tracklist on both his Instagram and Twitter this week. The ARMY have been flooding Twitter with screenshots and links to the playlist which includes a preview of the track. As of now, it hasn't been confirmed yet whether 'Blueberry Eyes' will arrive as a pre-release single or B-side track. MAX, who became friends with Suga while collaborating on 'Burn It' (a part of Suga's second mixtape 'D-2'), had spoken to ARMY about the BTS member. "He's just real. He's kind and polite. Welcoming. Never faking a smile or conversation. Passionate about what he does. He's a good guy," he said. Now, Yoon-gi is returning the favor with 'Blueberry Eyes'.

The ARMY has been touched by the idea that MAX is featuring Yoon-gi on his upcoming album. One fan wrote in all caps, "EVERYTHING YOONGI TOUCHES TURNS INTO GOLD IM SO GLAD MAX PUT HIS TRUST INTO HIM AND YOONGI CAN RAP N SING IN KOREAN AHHG I FEEL LIKE COLOR VISION IS PERSONAL AND IMPORTANT TO MAX AND IT RELLY MAKES ME OVERJOYED THEY MADE TOGETHER THE BLUEBERRY EYES MASTERPIECE." Another fan said, "blueberry eyes sounds amazing yoongi is gonna bless us one more time."

Several fans have also said they simply cannot wait until they see the track getting released saying, "I WANT BLUEBERRY EYES NOW WTF I CANT WAIT FOR TWO MONTHS THIS IS SO UNFAIR."

According to one fan, Suga's rap in the preview is "A streak of light that pierced through my shadow You overturned my life filled with darkness Maybe I am nothing, Before I met you, I was nobody. Yeah I was nobody, My life before you, was nothing but killing time day by day, yeah." Listen to the preview here.

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