Matt Walsh says LGBT 'greatest threat' to children, branded 'homophobic piece of s**t' for shocking theory

Matt Walsh says LGBT 'greatest threat' to children, branded 'homophobic piece of s**t' for shocking theory
Matt Walsh tweeted a shocking conspiracy theory about LGBTQIA+ community (Young America Foundation)

Matt Walsh who describes himself on his Twitter bio to be a 'theocratic fascist, tyrant, beekeeper' is in hot water after tweeting what many saw as a shocking LGBTQIA+ conspiracy theory. Many users of the social media channel weren't too happy with Walsh's comments that said that children are being recruited into "LGBT ranks".

He had also insinuated that people should fight against the 'sexual indoctrination of our children." Understandably, many took to Twitter to call out Walsh as homophobic, with some putting down facts and others wondering why he has an opinion on the LGBTQIA+ community at all. The anti-feminist blogger writes the Matt Walsh Blog and is known to spark controversies when he speaks on controversial topics such as abortion, immigration and gender equality.

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What did Matt Walsh tweet?

Along with a graph titled American's Self-identified Sexual Orientation, by Generation, Walsh tweeted, "The number of kids who identify as LGBT, especially trans and bisexual, has absolutely skyrocketed. If you think this is a natural or organic development, you're deluded. The media, Hollywood, and the school system actively recruit children into the LGBT ranks." The rest of the thread got even more disturbing as Walsh writes, "The number of supposedly "trans" children and young adults is TEN TIMES HIGHER than the number among older generations. Do you think that's because a lot more people are born in the wrong body these days (whatever the hell that even means)? No, this is social engineering." He added, "In our culture, the LGBT lobby poses the greatest threat to our children. Especially the “T” part."

Retweeting his own tweet later, Walsh added, "If you're not fighting against the sexual indoctrination of our children, you're not fighting at all. I'm tired of conservatives who treat the main event like the sideshow and vice versa."







'It's pretty standard for Matt Walsh to be absolute trash'




Many were shocked at Walsh's posts but didn't hesitate to call him out on his ignorance.

"It's pretty standard for Matt Walsh to be absolute trash, but it is nevertheless weird that he can't figure out that JUST MAYBE more of us have come out as bi not because we're "recruited," but because we think we just might not literally be murdered for our sexuality anymore," wrote one user. Another added, "Remember when I said that the right wants to paint LGBTQ people as pedophiles, especially trans people? This is eliminationism. People like Matt Walsh are pushing for genocide of trans people, just as the nazis did." Another user tweeted, "It's the result of there being less bigotry, though not no bigotry, as Matt Walsh, a huge homophobic piece of shit, is here to demonstrate."







This is an important topic to say the least and many also took to the social media channel embracing the hopeful change that has been seen in the LGBTQIA+ community as of late. "It's an important sociocultural topic because LGBTQ people have been ostracized for centuries, and people like Matt Walsh continue to ostracize them. However, our culture is finally changing to support their human rights and dignity," wrote one user. Others were also confused about the point Walsh was trying to make, with one user asking, "I'm gay. Should I blame Hollywood, media and the school system for that? What kind of argument is this. It is more widely accepted so people will be more willing to come forward about it. Should we make people fear it and then bully them into the closet?" Another tweeted, "It's like autism numbers going up dramatically in recent decades. It was always there, we just weren't able to count it properly until now. LGBTQ people has always been there, they just now have the freedom and confidence to come out and be openly counted."






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