Who is Matt Walsh? Here's why he's getting slammed for saying 'emojis are for children and women'

Matt Walsh is getting slammed online for his sexist stand on emojis where he also said, 'do you think your great grandfather would have been caught dead using emojis?'

                            Who is Matt Walsh? Here's why he's getting slammed for saying 'emojis are for children and women'
Matt Walsh (Young America Foundation)

Twitter has become a battleground of opinions these days. Anti-feminist blogger Matt Walsh recently wrote a post where he said, "Emojis are for children and woman," and in no time people started slamming him for the sexist comment.

"Every day I see more grown adult men use emojis. There is no excuse for this. Emojis are for children and women. Do you think your great grandfather would have been caught dead using emojis if the internet existed back then? Have some self-respect for God’s sake," Walsh wrote on Twitter. "(Gifs are okay though. Memes are a case by case basis,)" he added.

As soon as he made the comment, people started slamming him, as one Internet user wrote, "children AND WOMEN???? Ughh some sexism and toxic masculinity all rolled up in one." Another said, "My great grandfather fought in both major theaters of WW2 and in his later years got into kayaking & rafting. His 8mm camcorder accompanied him on those trips in the 80s & 90s. He duped those tapes for his rafting group, and had a Sony Video Titler. His titles included emojis."

While one netizen called his tweet "pathetic" and said, "Other than the research that backs mostly female cave artists, you’re seriously comparing stone engraved hieroglyphs, with foraged plant derived pigments and sometimes animal blood to this? Just a couple words for you: that’s pathetic bro." Some called his ego "fragile" and wrote, "Masculinity is so fragile. Imagine tying your self worth and gender to something as trivial as emoji use. Maybe Twitter can add so tactical emojis in shades of grey and black, or maybe camo patterned so that your fragile ego is soothed."


After seeing so many negative comments, he replied to his post saying, "Well all the men in these comments crying because I don’t like their little pictures have certainty not dissuaded me from my original premise," and "I feel like there are personal biases contributing to my selection this time. How can I file a formal complaint?"

More and more people started retweeting his tweets while bashing him online, as one Internet user wrote, "I don’t know this man’s relationship status but I can say with certainty he has never been the source of someone else’s orgasm." And some pointed out his toxic musculanity and said, "Your toxic masculinity is showing Matt Walsh. This is 2020 not the 1960s. Your dad put it in at the wrong time apparently."


Walsh further retweeted an old tweet from March 25, saying, "If this tweet gets dug up I'm screwed," pointing out at the emojis he made in that old tweet, which read, "I reached 300 thousand followers. I promised a special surprise for my followers once I made it here. The surprise is a series of heartwarming emojis that are sure to bring you joy and peace in these times. The emoji sequence commences now. Please enjoy responsibly:"


Who is Matt Walsh?

Matt Walsh is an anti-feminist blogger who writes on his Matt Walsh Blog. He is mostly known in the Internet world for mischaracterizing and insulting people. His main topics of discussion are abortion, immigration, gender equality and feminist-oriented causes. He also works as a writer for The Blaze. Walsh currently hosts The Matt Walsh Show at The Daily Wire.

On his blog, he has described himself as "one of the religious Right’s most influential young voices. He is known for boldly tackling the tough subjects and speaking out on faith and culture in a way that connects with his generation and beyond".

According to an article by Outreach, "Matt is known through his writing and his speeches as a fierce and articulate defender of truth, moral values, and the Christian faith. Matt lives in Maryland with his wife and two kids."

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