Who is Lexi? 'MasterChef: Legends' contestant's humble burger floors judges

Who is Lexi? 'MasterChef: Legends' contestant's humble burger floors judges
'MasterChef: Legends' contestant Lexi (FOX)

Season 11 of 'MasterChef' aka the season of 'Legends' kicked off with intense cut-throat competition. As opposed to the usual 20 aprons that are handed out to aspiring home chefs for an opportunity to cook inside the coveted 'MasterChef' kitchen, the latest season has only 15 aprons up for grabs.

Aside from the limited number of aprons, another challenge that lurks over the contestants is their ability to not only impress the judges — Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Aaron Sanchez — but also legendary celebrity chefs who are roped in to help them with judging. The latest episode featured Queen of Desserts — Paula Deen. So, with such intense competition hanging over their heads, it's only expected that the aspiring home cooks will go all out with whipping up their fanciest and best dishes with the hope of knocking the socks off judges. So, when Lexi decided to serve the judges a humble burger, everybody was left a little surprised and concerned.


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'MasterChef: Legends' contestant Lexi cooks while her family watches her (FOX)

Who is Lexi?

Lexi walked into the competition with her husband, mother and two children in tow. In her introduction, 23-year-old Lexi explained that she's a stay-at-home mom looking after her two young children, while her husband worked. Lexi didn't hide the fact that her husband's line of work didn't bring in a lot of money, so they are always on a tight budget. When she told the judges that her budget was only $40 for food every week, Bastianich's jaws dropped to the floor. He couldn't believe that she was feeding a family of four on a $40 budget.

When he asked her how she managed to pull it off, she explained that her limited resources forced her to be creative and resourceful when it comes to cooking. She used those skills tactfully in her signature dish, a burger. She made a stuffed burger with black garlic and goat cheese. She served the burger with a side of roasted brussels sprouts instead of fries. The judges made it clear that the burger would have to be exceptionally good for her to get the apron.

One bite into the burger and Ramsay declared it the best burger he had ever eaten, while Sanchez and Paula Deen were in awe of the burst of flavors in the burger. Although they pointed out that they didn't like the charred buns, they couldn't deny that she was extremely innovative. Bastianich labeled it simply a 'good burger' and made sure that she understood it wasn't a great burger. When it was finally time for the judges to share their verdict on the burger, it came as no surprise when all the judges aside from Bastianich said yes.

Lexi's Stuffed Burger impressed the judges (FOX)

Fans too were impressed with Lexi's burger and heartwarming story. A fan tweeted, "Imagine honing your culinary craft on $40 a week. Next level. Now I want a burger. #MasterChef." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "I love Lexi's stuffed burger a lot! I want one so bad right now! #MasterChef @MASTERCHEFonFOX." 



The 'MasterChef' judges were impressed by Lexi's burger (FOX)

Fans showered Lexi with praises for managing to get an apron with a burger. A fan wrote, "Wow! Great job to her, do you know hard it is to make it on Master Chef with just a burger? It looked amazing and the flavors were all there #MasterChef." Another said, "Dang it. I did not anticipate crying on #MasterChef. Go Lexi!" Fans also called out Bastianich for not giving Lexi a yes. "#MasterChef man joe is a sour puss...he know that burger was good," commented a fan.




We can't wait to see Lexi's journey on 'MasterChef: Legends'. 

'MasterChef: Legends' Season 11 airs every Wednesday at 8/7c ob FOX. 

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