‘MasterChef’: Micah Yaroch's elimination after he has a tough day in the kitchen leaves fans in tears

Wednesday night's episode of 'MasterChef' left several fans in tears as Micah Yaroch got eliminated and his parents never showed up to support their son.

                            ‘MasterChef’: Micah Yaroch's elimination after he has a tough day in the kitchen leaves fans in tears

Episode 21 of MasterChef was one of the most emotional and gut-wrenching episodes ever aired in the entire  history of ‘MasterChef’. The episode started off on a great note with the family members of the participants turning up to support their loved ones; everybody was all smiles, except for young Micah Yaroch. Micah has been vocal about his parents' disapproval of his choice to pursue his culinary dreams. For the first time ever in MasterChef history, a participant’s family members haven’t come out to support their loved one. A heartbroken Micah just stood watching as his fellow participants shared a warm moment with their family members.

It was so painful to watch the 19-year-old all alone in the kitchen feel sad about his parents not turning up to at least cheer for him. Gordon Ramsay consoled him and tried to encourage Micah by saying that the entire MasterChef family is his family and that they all support his dreams and journey. The participants then had to whip up their family’s favorite dish in 60 minutes. Each of the participants gave it their best shot to impress the judges as three of the best dishes would win immunity and secure a spot for themselves in the top six. Sarah, Dorian, and Shari won the immunity, while all the boys were at risk of elimination. Micah’s undercooked lamb chops sadly didn’t make the cut and he was sent to the elimination round.

The next day, the boys- Nick, Noah, Subha, and Micah faced the elimination challenge. The participants had to recreate Gordon’s Michelin three-star winning dish “potato crusted sea bass and clam”, alongside Gordon in 60 minutes.  The boys struggled to keep up with Gordon, as Subha took his own sweet time in cooking, Noah accidentally slipped and had a fall in the kitchen, while poor Micah cut his fingers and had to get medical attention.



The boys somehow managed to plate their creation and present it to the judges at the end of the challenge. Nick and Noah were appreciated for their exceptionally cooked fish and were declared safe from elimination while Subha and Micah were left to fight for their spot in the top 6.  Between Micah’s undercooked fish and Subha’s abysmal plating skills, the judges decide to give Micah the boot, thus ending his journey on the show. As Micah gave an emotional speech thanking the MasterChef team for helping him get a direction and grow as a chef, it was just heartbreaking to see this young boy leave the kitchen. Gordon was seen telling Micah that he’d love to take Micah under his wing and help him pursue his dreams and give him guidance.

Micah Yaroch (Photo by: Greg Gayne/ FOX)

Needless to say, the episode's event triggered fans as well. Many took to Twitter to express their sadness over Micah’s elimination and disapproval towards his parents for not coming out to support their child’s dreams. A fan wrote, “Master Chef over Micah. I also never wanted to trash someone on social media and especially on Twitter more than Micah's family. We need to find out who they are and tell how wrong they are #MasterChef you broke my heart! #teammicah has so much talent and heart, I hope all his dreams come true!”. Another fan expressed his disapproval of Micah’s parents with, “Damn my heart just broke for Micah. I don’t know what parent wouldn’t show up for their child just cause they don’t like what they are going for. You're supposed to support their dreams and build them up. #MasterChef”.

The episode was very emotional and tear-jerking. A fan commented, “#MasterChef micah I never thought that I would be crying while watching @MASTERCHEFonFOX”. Another fan tweeted, “Wow, Micah leaving fucking hurt my heart so much, my brother and I cried-his family didnt see him and his fish was raw, but I hope Ramsay does help him move forward cause he deserves it #MasterChef”. Most fans are hoping that Micah gets success and all his dreams come true. A supportive fan shared, “Micah’s elimination from #MasterChef is by far the saddest in the history of the show, was really pulling for him, hope he has a great future in the culinary world”.

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