'MasterChef Junior' Season 8: Freddy gets eliminated due to 'weakest performance'

'MasterChef Junior' Season 8:  Freddy gets eliminated due to 'weakest performance'
Freddy on 'MasterChef Junior' (FOX)

With passing each episode of 'MasterChef Junior', the young chefs get one step closer to winning that championship title and trophy. And as the challenges grow harder, the chefs are starting to feel the heat. The question is, will they be able to rise to the occasion?

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This week the 'MasterChef' kitchen had a unique challenge -- the young chefs were all set to throw judge Daphne Oz a baby shower! With 21 other pregnant women joining her, the teams were divided into boys vs girls, as they geared up to whip up a storm in the kitchen. Each team had to pick their leader, and the girls nominated Liya while the boys went with Grayson. The girls were tasked with preparing a fish dish while the boys got chicken as their protein.


The pink team on 'MasterChef Junior' (FOX)


Both teams also had to prepare a fish dish with their entrees. The girls finally decided on a menu of pan-seared salmon with quinoa and chocolate brownies, while the boys went with chicken breast with olive tapenade and strawberry shortcake. Both teams encountered immediate issues right off the bat -- the first dish they served up to the judges was a mess. The boys' chicken was undercooked, while the girls' salmon was hard and overcooked. Each team leader was asked to reel their teams in before they began putting out plates. While Liya had a hand on her team, Grayson struggled to get A'dan and Freddy to listen to him. 


The blue team on 'MasterChef Junior' (FOX)


The boys continued to struggle to get it together as communication proceeded to break down. Finally, Gordon Ramsay had to intervene and give them a strict talking down, warning them feeding pregnant women raw chicken could cause them to fall seriously ill. He warned them to get their heads in the game, or he would be forced to shut the kitchen down. As the teams went into making dessert, the boys continued to fight and bicker as they pointed fingers at each other. On the other hand, the girls had a much better control overall and worked well together as a team, taking orders and putting in effort together.


When it finally came down to it, the pink team won the challenge, proving that they were safe for another week. However, this also meant that the blue team were up for elimination. The judges noted that 85% of the women voted for the pink team today, with Daphne stating that the chicken she was given was raw. When it came down to it, Freddy, A'dan and Cruz were in the bottom three. The judges then eliminated Freddy, noting that this week was his 'weakest performance', seeing that he had previously impressed the judges. The judges encouraged him to keep cooking, as Freddy walked away from the 'MasterChef' kitchen.


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