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Maskless California Karen jumps on top of KFC counter and threatens to stab staffer for refusing her service

The wild video recorded in the restaurant sees the woman screaming and hurling abuses
UPDATED SEP 19, 2020

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA: Karens continue to defy CDC mandated and recommended protocals to combat the pandemic. A KFC customer got so angry upon being refused service for not wearing a mask, that she got on the eatery's countertop and threatened to stab a worker.

The wild video recorded in the restaurant sees the woman screaming from the countertop at the top of her lungs, threatening the workers trying to pacify her and verbally abusing them too. The woman can be seen in the clip, stomping around on top of the table and kicking menus and other items off as the workers stand in the kitchen area of the California KFC where the incident took place.

The irate customer was refused service for not wearing a face mask, as is clear from the video presumably recorded by another customer in the store. As onlookers watch the rampage, the worker being threatened by the angry woman keeps trying to reason with her saying he would lose his job if he served anybody not wearing a mask. The woman remains stubborn in her demands and gets louder with each threat as her order of mashed potatoes and chicken kept getting declined at the Fresno chain.

You can watch the video here.

The woman's profanity laden outburst that was posted on TikTok and soon went viral, sees her explode into screams, saying "I’m f****ng hungry!” and “Give me something to eat! Now!” One of the workers at the fast food joint responds saying it's against store policy to serve people not wearing the safety gear. "I can’t ," he says, adding "I’ll get fired.”

"You don’t even work here!” she retaliates by yelling at the same man who is clearly wearing a KFC uniform and standing by the register, surrounded by the other workers. A witness, Leah Chastain, wrote on TikTok that at one point, the lady also told the worker that "she wanted some mashed potatoes and gravy or he was going to get stabbed." At the end of the video, the woman can be seen kicking a sign off the slab and calls the eatery 'disgusting' before finally jumping off, and leaving.

While it's not been reported if the angry customer was charged with a crime, the mask regulation has caused quite the stir in the country, with people constantly defying the CDC recommendation. The news of this angry customer comes a month after another woman from a discredited anti-mask "agency" tried to falsely inform a grocery store worker that they would be sued for making it mandatory that customers wear face masks. As reported previously by MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), the woman, Lenka Koloma, who claims to be a member of the Freedom to Breathe Agency, carried a clipboard and wore a badge as she threatened the California store's supervisor, Liz Chavez. The video of the interaction between the two was posted on TikTok and shows Koloma telling Chavez: "You personally can be sued for this, OK? You are putting yourself into major legal liability."