Woman from fake anti-mask agency threatens store worker with jail for asking customers to wear face coverings

Woman from fake anti-mask agency threatens store worker with jail for asking customers to wear face coverings

A woman from a discredited anti-mask "agency" was caught on camera falsely informing a California grocery store worker that she would be sued or go to jail for making it mandatory that customers wear face masks. The woman, Lenka Koloma, was seen sporting a badge and holding a clipboard. Koloma, who is said to be a member of the Freedom To Breathe Agency, can be seen ranting at store supervisor, Liz Chavez. 


The incident had taken place at a health food shop in Orange County. As per a video posted on TikTok, Koloma says, "You personally can be sued for this, OK? You are putting yourself into major legal liability." Chavez, 31, had asked Koloma to put on a face mask when Koloma started to rant about wearing a mask and a speech about personal freedoms, Chavez told Buzzfeed. 

She revealed, "I went up to them like, ‘Hey, in order to be inside the store you’re required to wear a mask'. They told me, ‘No, we’re not required to wear a mask." Koloma had made claims that the group was "making sure that people’s constitutional rights, civil and federal laws are not broken" and had given Chavez a piece of paper. "The piece of paper they gave me was basically telling me I could go to prison for up to 3 to 5 years and I could get fined up to $10,000 for telling them to wear a mask if I’m not a doctor," Chavez said.

"They weren’t there to shop…They honestly were probably just waiting for somebody to come up to them and ask them to wear a mask so they could do this," Chavez continued. Koloma added that she and another woman had entered the store and said, "both have medical, health conditions and also religious beliefs that do not allow us to wear a mask." 

Koloma was slammed across social media with many calling out her antics. She even responded via her Instagram saying, "Message to all the haters that stormed my IG account today: “Thank you. Thank you for showing your ignorance to what the United States of America stands for."

One outraged social media wrote in the comments section, "Whatup KAREN!!! 🤣😂 just saw your intimidation tactic. Real slick effort. Shame we aint buying into your bulls**t. Wear a f**king mask you clown." Another added, "Talk about stupidity... in her little self righteous battle, she held onto the grenade, while throwing the pin. Ain't Karma a b***h. Karen?"

Yet another enraged user commented, "You are not a true patriot when all you care about is your entitled false self proclaimed bulls**t. You're a danger to our society's wellbeing. A true American would wear a mask to respect everyones health and right to safety. You are impeding on others and think you are some type of hero. You are delusional and wrong. Glad u will be weeded out by natural selection." Another user said, "There’s a difference between faith and foolishness. Obviously u fall under the foolish umbrella." 

The Freedom to Breathe Agency has drawn a lot of attention for its stunts in the past which have led to a warning from the Department on Justice. It has been known to distribute phony and fake 'mask exempt' cards and have also said that holders could bend the rules "under the Americans with Disability Act". According to Daily Mail, the group is not a real government agency and has no official websites. It only operates via a private Facebook group.

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