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'Married on First Sight': Bao's refusal to shower leads to issues with Johnny

Johnny and Bao don't seem to agree on everything and showering is one of them
Johnny and Bao as seen as 'Married at First Sight' (Lifetime)
Johnny and Bao as seen as 'Married at First Sight' (Lifetime)

Meeting a stranger and typing the knot is only half the challenge on 'Married on First Sight'. The real battle starts when the couples move into their neutral apartments and try to live together. And now, the Season 13 couples are feeling the heat.

So far, it's not been easy for any of the couples. In this episode, Rachel and Jose seemed to struggle with the different approaches to life, Myrla and Gil were forced to confront their lack of intimacy. Next, Ryan admitted that he was still to come around to opening up fully to his wife and finally, there was Zack and Michaela's explosive fight. And finally, Bao and Johnny still seem to struggle to get over one particular hurdle.


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In case you're wondering what the hurdle is, it is Bao's refusal to shower often. She doesn't see it as a priority, which sets of Johnny, as he wants her to at least hop into bed clean. She, however, argues that if she is tired, she shouldn't have to shower. During their individual house visits, Bao pointed out that she had a bidet and often used it as a substitute for a shower. Fans were not thrilled with the revelation and were concerned about her hygiene habits in general. 

"Johnny and Bao are dope together when the energy is good. They would be fine if she just washed her ass #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS" tweeted a fan. "Bao: You can't get cleaner than this… Us: YES, YOU CAN GET CLEANER… WITH A SHOWER!!! #mafsHouston #MAFS #marriedatfirstsight" pointed out a fan when Bao mentions she often freshens up by using a bidet. "Bao just cause you have a bidet don't mean you don't need to shower. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" pointed another. 

"Well Johnny could start trying to make it a routine for them to have a nice bubble bath together at night, have a drink and talk. At least Bao would get some soap and water on her.  #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS" suggested another. "Listen, if Johnny can compromise on Bao's poor hygiene choices, THE LEAST she can do is be flexible on his sports! THE LEAST. #MAFS" stated another. "How can Bao be this gross? Gym and then hop in bed? Is this the hill you want to die on friend? #MAFS" stated another. "Bao is embarrassed about her snoring but sis, i would be more embarrassed about your stench #MarriedAtFirstSight #mafs" commented another. 








Bao seems rather adamant about not changing her way. Do you think she's going to make this compromise? Or will this prove to be the reason behind their split? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch 'Married at First Sight' Season 13 on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on Lifetime.