Cherryblossoms Love: Couple with 42-year age gap slams trolls who called wife 'gold digger'

Cherryblossoms Love: Couple with 42-year age gap slams trolls who called wife 'gold digger'
Jackie, 27, and Dave, 69, met on an internet dating website in 2016 (dave_jackie/TikTok)

A married couple defended their 42-year age gap in a video on TikTok after their followers accused the 27-year-old bride of simply wanting to take her 69-year-old husband's money with an eye on US Green Card. Jackie, 27, who was born in the Philippines, and Dave, 69, from the US met on an internet dating website in 2016 while he was visiting Cebu.

Dave made the first move, asking his future wife if she wanted to get coffee with him, to which she agreed. They've been married for over three years. ''Jackie and I first met via an internet site called Cherryblossoms. I was in Cebu in the Philippines at the time when I was using that website and I noticed Jackie's profile,'' Dave said in a recent TikTok video they shared.


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''I sent her a message and said I liked her profile and I was interested in meeting her.'' Jackie continued, ''I gave him my phone number, and the next day we met up at Starbucks and he gave me a chocolate chip cookie. Then we went to Jollibee's for lunch''.

"Jackie was a little bit shy back then and she was tired after working the graveyard shift at work so on that lunch date I ended up doing 95 percent of the talking,'' Dave added.

Their videos together have earned them 32,000 followers on TikTok (dave_jackie/TikTok)
Their videos together have earned them 32,000 followers on TikTok (dave_jackie/TikTok)

''You could feel there was enough of a connection there to want to get together again. So Jackie and I got together a few more times before going back to the US. That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that is still going strong'', Dave concluded.

However, people don't seem to approve of their relationship and often pass harsh criticism about their significant gap, with some calling Jackie a ''gold digger'' that's ''only in it for the money''. One user commented under the video, "True love... for visa" while another added, "That visa and money!!!!! She is going to send that money back home."

"I feel sorry he is looking for a caregiver she knows this is wrong but needs money," another user wrote. Jackie sits on Dave's lap in the video, while he holds money and two green bits of card in front of her. Jackie laughs as she snatches the papers, fans herself, and kisses her husband.

However, despite all the trolls and harsh criticism, the couple doesn't seem to be affected at all. In a recent video, the couple hit back at trolls and defended the huge age gap in their relationship. "So there is a 42-year age gap. She's 27 and I'm 69 and to us, it doesn't make a bit of difference'', they said. Their videos have earned more than 32,000 followers on TikTok and they regularly seem to post videos of their day-to-day life from their hikes to their dancing skills. Besides the criticism there are some users who support their relationship by commenting positively. "I can't believe people are still harassing you about your age difference. You are a beautiful couple. Makes no difference. Correct!!", a user wrote. 

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