'MAFS' star Paige Banks says marriage with Chris Williams is tough, calls him out for being 'self-serving'

The star spoke about how her marriage to Williams was far from perfect, but that hasn't deterred her faith in God

                            'MAFS' star Paige Banks says marriage with Chris Williams is tough, calls him out for being 'self-serving'
Paige Banks and Chris Williams are having a tough time trying to make their marriage work (Lifetime)

When it comes to Paige Banks and Chris Williams, there is rarely an end in sight. From not being attracted to Banks to baby mama drama and more, the list of red flags in this relationship has been glaringly obvious and while Williams has caused a lot of the chaos, Banks has contributed her fair share to it.

Seeing that season is filmed and aired months prior, the cast members are currently all in a much different situation. However, seeing that the cast remains pretty tight-lipped online during their season, it's not exactly easy to know what's been going on behind the scenes.


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Often at times, they do come out of hiding and take to social platforms to talk about certain issues concerning them. Erik Lakes recently took to Reddit to address talk about his political leanings, while Chris Williams went a little ham and fought with season 1 alumni, Jamie Otis after she commented on a post about his relationship.

Fans have had a lot to say about Banks and Williams' relationship, often pointing blame at Williams for bringing his baggage along and sometimes at Banks for enabling him. But, amidst the chaos, Banks has something to say too.




In an interview with Bossip, Banks opened up about the events that transpired between the couple, offering her point of view. Finding out that her new husband was not attracted to her came as a blow, but finding out that he was soon to be a father on national TV was even worse.

Fans were visibly frustrated when Banks still choose to give the relationship a chance time and again. However, she addressed just why she did so. 




"I think a lot of people are so quick to judge me and call me weak-minded, desperate or even my favorite – 'a doormat', but no one takes the time to really sit on the fact that coming into this process I really respected the ideals and values of marriage and wanted something like that on my own," Banks explained in the interview.

"I knew that the process would not be easy but I did not expect so many challenges so early on during the process. Marriage is not easy and if I could do it all over again, knowing what I know now, I would have definitely made some different decisions." She added.





She even explained how she was unsure about the wedding for day one. "I knew my spirit was really uneasy on the wedding day but I still wanted to give things a fair chance," she explained.
She even explained what it was like to be around Williams, seeing that he got her hopes up when he declared that he was "scared about falling in love". Much to the viewers' annoyance, she believed him back then.

"At the time I did because he had said it to me once before off-camera with other people around," she said, explaining why she decided to give him a chance back then. "But saying it and meaning it are two different things," she added.

She also made it clear that Williams is the same in real life as he is in reel life. "The Chris that you see on camera is the same guy off camera. He’s very self-serving this entire time," she said.


Banks, who has always held to her faith through this process, maintains that she still believes God has a plan for her, despite the whole debacle. Currently, it seems as though the couple is trying to reconcile, but with no luck.

Even William's mother recently expressed her surprise over the fact that the couple is still trying to make it work and that Banks hadn't walked out yet. However, in a recently 'MAFS' special, where Kevin Frazier and a panel of media experts discuss the possible outcome of the show, we see Williams claiming that Banks and he are 'undecided' and even goes as far as to 'speak for her' all while Banks sits quietly beside him.

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