Married or not? Chris Williams and Paige Banks' relationship has a new twist as 'MAFS' expert panel disagrees

Looks like Chris Williams and Paige Banks are back at it, again!

                            Married or not? Chris Williams and Paige Banks' relationship has a new twist as 'MAFS' expert panel disagrees
In the previous episodes of 'Married at First Sight', we finally saw Paige Banks declare that she was done with Chris Williams wasting her time (Lifetime)

For 'Married at First Sight' fans, this season has been a rather exhausting one to watch – just when you think that the Chris Williams and Paige Banks drama is finally winding down, the pair somehow manage to start the chaos all over again.

In the previous episodes, we (finally) saw Banks declare that she's done with Williams wasting her time, seeing that she doesn't believe in doing the same to others. Banks made it clear, during her meeting with Mercedes Myrick too, that she wanted nothing to do with Williams. But by the look of it, the reality TV star seems to be backpedaling already.

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During last week's episode, Banks reaction to Williams was hard to decipher -- she was clearly not a fan of the fact that Williams had bought his ex-fiancée, Myrick, a car, a Mercedes no less. She found it odd that as her husband, he never mentioned it before but decided to bring it up now. But, Banks seemed to be changing her own tune and stance a swell, since she approached the topic of working on their relationship. Williams was the one to get heated about the subject this time around, seeing that he accused her of only playing it up in front of the cameras but ignoring him otherwise. As per Williams, Banks is a different person on camera and she is not making an effort off-camera; he thinks they've met a dead end. Banks is visibly frustrated, seeing that she feels like she's put in all this time and effort for nothing.


But turns out, said efforts might not be in vain, as the couple sat down to discuss their relationship with the experts. The couple sat down with Dr Viviana Coles, Dr Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Roberson, as they discussed the status of their marriage. It what seems like the ultimate curveball, Banks admitted that she does want to give their marriage a chance, despite everything that's happened between the two. "I do care about Chris," she said. "I do see a lot of admirable qualities in Chris. I've never been with a man that is so open and honest about how he feels...ever" she added.

The expert panel didn't look impressed at all with the couple's choice. Dr Cole went ahead and asked the question that has been on everyone's mind if the couple would like to stay married -- to which Williams responded that they're currently undecided. Dr Coles having no of it, seeing that her immediate response was, "No, I'm not okay with this" she said, clearly exasperated. Williams intervened, saying that they couldn't give her a decision. It's here that Dr Colespointed out the obvious law in Williams logic -- the couple is already married, and that is a decision. Williams countered saying that it was their marriage and that he is undecided right, he even added that he was, "going to speak for Paige, she's undecided". Banks sat quietly throughout the exchange leaving the experts visibly confused regarding the couple's choices.

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