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Is Chris Williams in love with his baby mama? A timeline of 'Married At First Sight' star's rumored relationships

Chris Williams and Paige Banks' story only seems to get more complicated, and now, Williams claims that he's in love. But with whom?
UPDATED FEB 18, 2021
Chris Williams, Paige Banks and Mercedes Myrick from 'Married at First Sight' (Lifetime, Facebook)
Chris Williams, Paige Banks and Mercedes Myrick from 'Married at First Sight' (Lifetime, Facebook)

Most 'Married at First Sight' couples seem to be getting along well enough but the same cannot be said for Paige Banks, who seems to be dealing with new drama with each episode. Her husband, Chris Williams, not only revealed that he was engaged just months before coming on the show but also broke the news to her that his ex-fiancee is now pregnant. In the last episode, Williams let out crocodile tears and tried to reconcile with Banks over after calling her ugly the morning after they consummated their marriage.

He gave her one single rose as they shared a meal while telling her that should she choose to leave or stay, he'd support her decision. And if she did leave, he'd probably chase after her. He even concluded his little monologue by asking Banks about her thoughts on being a stepmother. It was incredibly frustrating to see Banks accept the rose, although she did spend a considerable amount of time talking to castmate Briana about just how problematic her new husband is.


Who is Mercedes Myrick? 'Married at First Sight' star Chris Williams and ex-fiancee's messy relationship timeline

Who is Chris Williams' baby mama? YouTuber says 'Married At First Sight' star's ex-fiancee isn't the one

Paige Banks, Chris Williams (Lifetime)

Their situation honestly just seemed to go from bad to worse, seeing that Williams has hinted that he is still in love with his baby mama and doesn't want another man raising his child. But what might just be the ultimate twist of the season is the fact that the woman who is pregnant is not his ex-fiancee, as he claims. Williams was recently engaged to a woman by the name of Mercedes Myrick.

While the two got engaged in February of last year, they called it off in May 2020. News of the pregnancy broke in July, and the timeline didn't add up. That's because the woman who was pregnant was not Myrick, but Myrick's cousin, implying that Williams had been sleeping with his fiancee's cousins. So, who exactly are the women currently in Williams's life?

Chris Williams, Paige Banks (Lifetime)

Mercedes Myrick

As per StarsOffline, Myrick has worked at NBA TV, Atlanta, and as a Digital Content Producer for Bleacher Report. As per her Instagram bio, she was a former sports analyst and is now a lawyer. StarsOffline also reported that her net worth was somewhere under $200,000. Williams and Myrick got engaged back in February 2020, fans even unearthed a video of their engagement celebration. Williams claims that the couple was together till May 2020, they broke up somewhere around this time. 

Chris Williams (Lifetime) and Mercedes Myrick (@Mercedes Myrick/ Facebook)

Unnamed baby mama

It has been heavily hinted that Williams was well aware that he was going to be a father before he could join the 'Married at First Sight' cast. A YouTuber by the name of Janice Hylton exposed Williams didn't get Myrick pregnant, but he got her cousin pregnant, which is what led to them calling off their engagement and breaking up. Hylton claims that her sources are people who know Williams personally, seeing that they belong to Myrick's circle.

Chris Williams (Lifetime)

Paige Banks 

The 26-year-old accountant is a woman of faith, who has taken marriage to be something sacred and serious, seeing that she wants a happy family life. She even mentions that she's convinced that she's meant to be married. However, finding Mr Right has proven to be quite a task for her. Seeing that she's determined to do so anyway, she reached out to the experts at 'MAFS' to help her out. 

Paige Banks (Instagram)

So, who is Chris Williams in love with?

As of now, Williams is trying to convince Banks to give their relationship a shot, especially after she said that if she were to make her decision right now, she'd leave him. While Williams claims to be coming around, him hinting that he's in love with his baby mama isn't sitting well with fans at all. "No,it does matter. Do you still have feelings for your baby mama Chris? Are you going to cheat with your baby mama Chris? Are you going to want to be with your baby mama and possibly leave your wife Chris? That’s why it matters if you still have feelings for this woman  #mafs" tweeted another.

"I love train wreck reality tv BUT this no longer fun. Seeing the preview where Chris tells Paige he still loves his baby mama... this is just MEAN. He’s a mean hurtful person. And @lifetimetv & the producers should be ashamed for airing this. #MarriedAtFirstSight #mafs" tweeted another pointing at the clear lapse in judgment on behalf of the 'MAFS' team. "Did Chris get married to piss off his baby mama??? #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSightatl #Marriedatfirstsight" tweeted another, hinting that there might be more to this situation after all. 




Is the screening process as thorough as it claims to be?

The bigger issue with this situation boils down to whether the screening process for the participants for 'Married at First Sight' is as strict as it claims to be. As reported by CheatSheet, there are multiple processes before the final candidate list is created. This includes workshops, psychological evaluations, meetings with the experts and background checks.

After this, Dr Pepper Schwartz meets each candidate individually. With so many processes that claim to be in place, it's hard to believe that the experts missed ALL the red flags when it came to Williams.


Why Banks can't leave the show?

Suffering this much humiliation in the name of reality TV can't be easy. Leaving the show might just be the most logical decision at this point, however, even that is a double-edged sword. If Banks were to leave, she'd have to pay a fine of $100,000. By the look of it, it's a no-win situation. 

So, will Paige Banks get her happily ever after? Is Chris Williams finally done with all the lies and secrets or is there more to come? Looks like we've to wait and see.

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