Emmys 2018: Mandy Moore dons a 'custom Rodarte' dress and brings her BFF as plus one

Mandy Moore talks about how her 'man' being on the road allowed her to spend the Emmy night with her BFF

                            Emmys 2018: Mandy Moore dons a 'custom Rodarte' dress and brings her BFF as plus one

Mandy Moore had some looks to serve this time at the Emmys and she was every bit as gorgeous as her fans were looking forward to. From a custom-made dress to a unique date on TV's most celebrated night - Moore took the Emmy 2018 Red Carpet by storm with all that slaying. For those absolutely clueless, Moore just walked into the Emmys in a sequined, dark, metallic dress with a black undertone, and what's better? Her date to the event was her very own BFF.

Speaking to E! News on the Red Carpet, Moore spilled all the details on the enviable dress she had on. When asked who she was wearing, the 'This Is Us' star replied: "It's a custom Rodarte [sic] I'm feeling really fashionable and fancy tonight." Soon she got asked about the dark tones in her hair, which she explained was for work reasons, in honor of her character Rebecca Pearson on the show. But soon the topic went back to her dress, and when asked how often she wears custom dresses, the actress blushed and very coyly explained: "Not as often as you'd think."


She added: "It's a very special event, especially for this... Laura, one of the designers from Rodarte came into my house and brought this fabric, and sort of we came up with the idea together with my stylist [sic] and then the next time I tried it on, it was like - made for my body. I've never experienced that before - that level of detail." 

But then the topic moved to her plus one for the night, and very gracefully, Mandy explained that hers is her best girlfriend. "Because my man is on the road, so I get to share the evening with my best friend," Mandy pointed out, gushing over the fact.