Man kicked off United flight after refusing to keep mask on and get off his phone

Man kicked off United flight after refusing to keep mask on and get off his phone
Screenshots showing the altercation on the United Airlines flight (starcadearcade/TikTok)

A man was thrown out of a United Airlines flight after he behaved aggressively with the crew members as well as with the passengers. One of the passengers, Alexander Clark, who is the founder of VR gaming company Starcade Arcade, took several videos of the incident and shared them on TikTok.

As per reports, Clark’s videos have been viewed more than 3.4 million after being uploaded on the social media platform on Thursday, October 7. Details, like the identity of the man and the airport from where the plane took off, are not yet known. The first video shared by Clark showed the man arguing with a flight crew member. The second video explained that the argument began between the two after the man continued to use his phone before takeoff and refused to keep his mask on, reports Daily Dot.

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He was seen screaming at the flight attendant and saying that he “didn’t even want to go to Cali.” He kept saying that before removing his face covering. The man also threatened the crew member who intervened, saying that he would find out his personal information. He said, “I will find your name, date of birth, and address. I will know your social security number before I get off this plane. On my daughter.” The man then left his seat while pushing another fellow flyer out of his chair and into the aisle. He asked the attendant what “the law’s gonna do,” and when another passenger got up to help the staff, the man screamed at him and asked him to “mind his business” or he’ll “break your neck.”

The man then tried to explain something but was interrupted by a third passenger. That passenger also referenced being “two hours late” before finding Clark recording them. He then struck his phone out of his hand and because of that the video abruptly ended. But Clark posted another video that showed the first man and the third man threatening him and asking him to delete whatever he had captured earlier. But Clark did not get involved and moved away from the scene to avoid further altercation while the man stood up and screamed at other passengers. “Let’s go to jail ’cause I’m the only [N-word] that’s on this plane that’s fit to go to jail,” he added.

The man also asked fellow flyers why they were recording him. But soon Clark mentioned that the police officers came to take the man and the third passenger out of the plane. Meanwhile, several people took to the comment section of the TikTok videos as a user wrote, “Welcome to the no fly list.” The second one noted, “Man there’s easier ways to not go to Cali.” A person said, “yeah no, it’s the spit flying out of his mouth,” while tagging a wide-eyed emoji. Another one said, “He’s spitting his germs all over the place.” “Doesn’t this guy’s blatant cultural appropriation bug anyone else?” a comment added.

This comes weeks after a woman was arrested after she smoked a cigarette on a Spirit Airlines flight. The unidentified White woman’s video was shared on TikTok by a user Alexa Majdalawi or @heyalexa_nah, who wrote in the caption: “Only on a spirit flight: girl lit up an actual cigarette on the plane in her chair. Here’s her getting arrested.”


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 Man thrown off United Airlines flight viral video of him yelling threatening pushing crew passengers