SO SAD IT'S SEXY: Man hailed for throwing 'grieving' sister and husband from car for making out on way to WAKE

SO SAD IT'S SEXY: Man hailed for throwing 'grieving' sister and husband from car for making out on way to WAKE
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A man has been hailed by people online after he threw his sister and her husband out of his car while on their way to a wake after a funeral. The unidentified man reportedly shared his story on Reddit’sAITA (Am I the A**hole) for leaving my sister and her husband on the side of the road?” where he noted that he has been brought up in a "sex positive" family.

The Reddit user noted that his parents were “very affectionate and touchy with each other in public." "They lived a very non-conventional lifestyle and weren't afraid to flaunt it,” he wrote before mentioning that his sister “Angie” was quite similar to them. In the post, he stated, “She proclaims that she's 'sex-positive,' and has no qualms with openly discussing sex in great detail at every opportunity. She believes that if a person is uncomfortable, they must be a 'conservative virgin/prude who hates all forms of self-expression' (her words).”



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The man went on to say that his wife “Zara” was different from his family in that way, making Angie think that she was too “conservative and prudish”. He then mentioned an incident where he, his wife, his sister and her husband all were in the same vehicle together. As per his post, Zara’s brother died recently, and Angie and Bill came with them to pay their tributes. They shared the car to go to the wake.


A man relates his experience of throwing out his sister and brother-in-law from his car while they were on their way to a wake (Screenshot from Reddit post r/AmItheAsshole)

He explained, “At first, everything was alright. Understandably, no one was speaking in the car and it was very quiet in the car. Most people were keeping to themselves or sleeping. Midway through the drive, Angie and Bill start making out in the backseat of our car. When I say 'making out,' I mean, full-on, making out. They were pushing up against the car door and making all sorts of noises. Zara and I were extremely uncomfortable.”

The user went on, "I pulled over and started yelling at Angie. I told them that I was disgusted by their behaviour and that they were acting like horny little teenagers. Angie said that they were grieving. I yelled at them to get out of my car. At first, they were protesting, but I was so angry and so tired of them already. I told them to find their way home by themselves." He also added that after the incident, his parents did not support him and called him out for going “too far."

However, licensed sexologist and certified marriage coach Dr Gail Crowder thinks the man did not do anything wrong as he told Newsweek, “Being sex-positive and being an exhibitionist are two different things. Sex-positive people are open to trying new things inside of the bedroom and are very open to public displays of affection. Exhibitionists are people who seek public attention at any cost.”


Screenshot from Reddit post (r/AmItheAsshole)
The man said that he was angry seeing his sister behaving this way )Screenshot from Reddit post (r/AmItheAsshole)


“I think that there's nothing wrong with public display of affection. Like holding hands, a quick kiss, a hug. Because it shows others that intimacy and love are still alive and well in our society. But when it comes to hyper sexual acts in public, that needs to be checked and kept behind closed doors,” Crowder continued, before adding, “Because you never know who is watching. I believe that the brother in this case could have handled the situation better by telling the sister and her partner how their behavior in the car made him feel.”

A number of people on Reddit also reportedly agreed with the man with one commenting, “Sex positivity also means being accepting/welcoming/accommodating of asexual people, as well as every other level of interest in sexual behavior. Anyone who thinks that 'sex positivity' means 'no need to exercise restraint or be considerate in any way' is not actually sex-positive, they’re simply consent-violating exhibitionists. And, often, narcissists.”


The second one shared, “One thing about this that bothers me is that they're trying to make this about your wife (who is grieving) and villainize her, when it's YOU who said you're uncomfortable. Sorry, but your family sounds like disrespectful trash and what they're doing isn't sex positivity.”

"Sexual exhibitionism is a kink, and, as with all sexual activity, requires consent from all parties. Involving others in your kink unwillingly is a no no. Your sister isn’t sex positive, she’s just obnoxious because she feels judged by anyone who doesn’t want to participate," a person added.


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