Man proposes in PACKED McDonald's in viral video, Internet divided over woman's reaction

Man proposes in PACKED McDonald's in viral video, Internet divided over woman's reaction
A South African man's proposal goes awfully wrong at a packed McDonald's (Photo: @Madame_Fossette/Twitter)

Guess we’re back with another failed proposal and this time it is pretty hard to watch. A man in South Africa, who went down on his knees at a crowded McDonald’s, was brutally rejected by an unnamed woman who was stunned by the sudden big question and just walked away.

In a viral video, we can see a woman sharing a shocked look with the person behind the counter, while other customers tried to persuade her to say yes. Sadly, she shook her head as a sign of a big no at the man on one knee. As the harrowing video continues, she appears to exchange passionate words with the man before storming out amid a chorus of boos. What was going on in her mind?


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Luckily, we got the footage through a Twitter user who captioned the video, “Witnessed such a sad situation today yoh.” The video where the man can be seen heartbroken, standing up to get the food before walking out shattered, has racked 3.7 million views in a matter of days. The video also garnered humorous and sad comments from the public, which was divided on the reaction of the woman.


One person wrote, “😂😂 why men propose in public? Propose in private to save yourself the embarrassment.” Another person said, “Why not send your uncles at home than embarassing yourself on public?” while another wrote, “I think the main issue here is the venue. Like you're proposing to me at a packed McDonald's because?” One more person said, “Aii people should know if their partners are ready to get married and what kind of proposals they prefer. Jonga ngoku 😩”








A person stated, “Lol i probably would've said yes not to dissapoint him in public, then bit his head off when we got home,” while another user commented, “I have a feeling that he knows very well y she declined the proposal and he was trying to push the envelope hard.” Another user wrote, “This is what you get for trying to act like Americans. It's not our thing as South Africans our ancestors don't condone such. Somizi did it and the marriage ended in tears.” In reply to the former comment, a person wrote, “I did it some years ago, my ancestors never complained... There's absolutely nothing wrong with public proposal bro. Besides, there are many other things adopted from other nations, Africans deem as culture today. If the guy is madly in love, then so be it.”








Another user said, “If he is serious he should’ve sent his uncles home. These public proposals are crazy. We don’t know what happens at home or why she declined the proposal. Ke blackmail,” while another responded, “My thoughts exactly… usually men do public proposals as a way of apologising for something they did. I don’t thing a girlfriend can say no to a proposal when thing are good in that relationship.” Another person wrote, “These guys watch too many movies..😂 I find proposing to be intimate. It just has to be the two of you so she can easily explain why she isn't ready. Not like this!”






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