Maknae line's 'Cerberus': Pentagon's Yuto, Kino and Wooseok's first single tops music charts

Yuto, Kino and Wooseok drop their first single together 'Cerberus' which ended up topping charts like iTunes and Genius

                            Maknae line's 'Cerberus': Pentagon's Yuto, Kino and Wooseok's first single tops music charts
Wooseok, Yuto and Kino for 'Cerberus' (@CUBE_PTG/Twitter)

It’s a good year for Pentagon and their fans, Universe. The K-pop boy group has been busy for a while now. From breaking their own records for their latest comeback ‘DO or NOT’, to the members getting acting gigs and musicals, Pentagon isn’t slowing down. They also released the Japanese EP ‘ DO or NOT’ in June. And now we have the group’s youngest members releasing their first single.

There was much talk when Pentagon first hinted at a single with the image of a red sports car with an image of Cerberus on it. Turns out, it was a spoiler for the single ‘Cerberus’ made by the maknae (youngest) line, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok. They dropped the track and its music video on August 18. And it has swept several music charts domestically as well as internationally.


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'Cerberus' sweeps iTunes

The song entered iTunes Worldwide Song Chart at #14 and topped the iTunes Song Charts in 11 regions. It is also still on the iTunes chart in 27 countries on its second day. It also debuted at #1 on Genius’ K-Hip-Hop Chart which is an impressive feat as the sub-unit proved its worth to the underground K-Hip-Hop scene who do not take idol rappers too seriously. It also entered LINE music’s K-Pop Top 100 Daily Chart and on Bugs in the top 100.

Even the music video garnered over 238k views and 52k likes in 24 hours on YouTube. At the moment, it has reached 306k YouTube views. It also trended on Twitter worldwide and eight other country’s trends including MelOn’s real-time search trends. It also surpassed 30k streams on Spotify and Genie, and 14k streams on MelOn. Additionally, it entered iTunes’ European Song Chart and the group ranked on Global Digital Artist chart in the top 100.



Also known as the ‘mayo’ line due to a quirky chant they come up with last year, this is the sub-unit’s first recorded single together. It should be pointed out that they’re all producers in their own right with several song credits in their belt. So, it is no surprise that the track is an artistic piece as they experiment with hip-hop and trap 808 sounds with synth samplers. It can also be considered a trilingual song as we have Japanese member Yuto incorporating Japanese rap into the song along with English hooks.

Watch the fun and hypnotic music video below.



'Thank you for your service'

Fans were thrilled as they went on to hype the boys on Twitter. One Universe even created fanart, “CERBERUS but it’s 90s anime !” Another finally connected the dots between the music video and Orpheus and Cerberus’ myth, “Im an idiot i just realised that cerberus mv literally follows the greek myth - when orpheus (represented by the kidnapped man) played the lyre (represented by the music player in the mv), cerberus the 3 headed dog was lulled into sleep allowing orpheus to enter the underworld.”

They were also pleasantly surprised when the temporary leader Kino revealed how he participated in the single, “Kino being the main dancer of the group that can also be a main vocalist and a main rapper for the group, now participated in record engineering and digital editing for cerberus. Tell me what else Kino can't do???” Fanbases also got together to congratulate Pentagon and Universe, “Congratulations Universe, this is the result of your hardwork and organization We couldn't be prouder.” Another fan added, “I watched cerberus too many times, and I just can't help but fall inlove with wooseok.” One posted, “Okay first japanese rapper adachi yuto thankyou for your service????”







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