'Maid' Ending Explained : When life hands you lemons, it may be hard to make lemonade

'Maid' dives into a world of abuse and trauma as we see a single mother make it out of the deep end with the love for her daughter

                            'Maid' Ending Explained : When life hands you lemons, it may be hard to make lemonade
Rylea Nevaeh Whittet as Maddy in 'Maid' (Ricardo Hubbs /Netflix)

This article contains spoilers for 'Maid'

Netflix just dropped 'Maid' and we don't know how to feel about the show. Our heart is heavy and melancholic even though we got the end we wanted. The comedy-drama has little comedy which provides some relief but not as much as needed.

'Maid' follows the story of Alex (Margaret Qualley) who, after fleeing an abusive relationship, finds a job cleaning houses as she fights to provide for her child and build them a better future. In a story of grim perseverance, we see the effects of abuse on a person as they try and cope with what life throws at them. 'Maid' gives us a look into the journey of Alex as she struggles to stay afloat while trying to do her best for her daughter.


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Spoilers for 'Maid'

We are introduced to Alex as she leaves in the dead of night with her daughter Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet) to escape her abusive boyfriend, Sean (Nick Robinson). Finding no respite from her situation she struggles to find housing. She is forced to approach social services but is barely provided any help as she doesn't have a job. Taking up a job as a maid, she hopes to make a living and begin a life of independence. Her only source of help is her bi-polar mother Paula who's a massive flirt, gullible, unmedicated, and unreliable.

Alex is forced to be a parent to her own mother who cannot be trusted by herself. Flashbacks show us how she met Sean and how the emotional abuse snuck up on her gradually, leaving her in the situation she is right now. Her new boss Yolanda is an absolute horror with Alex having to pay out of pocket for supplies with hardly any return, but she's desperate. The domestic violence safe house sees her make a friend in Danielle, a fellow survivor of abuse. Things go south as Alex loses custody of her daughter temporarily. In her desperation, she nearly breaks down but is supported by Danielle who encourages her not to give up.

After successfully getting joint custody we see respite with the introduction of Nate, an old work colleague who helps her out with a car and later with housing as well. Things are looking up a little but we see Alex struggle with Regina, a client whose house she cleans and the economic disparity is quite evident.

Rylea Nevaeh Whittet as Maddy and Nick Robinson as Sean in Maid' (Netflix)


Her longing for a better life with Maddy is all that drives her. As we see the events unfold we also learn that Alex's father used to abuse her mother, due to which they ran off. He's quite friendly with Sean as they both attend the same alcoholics' anonymous meetings. Alex is disgusted by this fact and turns away any help offered by him. She takes to writing again, with that being the major she would have had if she could have gone to college. We see her chronicle the lives and people whose homes she cleans. Good things don't last for this young mother as we see circumstances force her back to Sean's place. 

We see Alex hit an all-time low back at the place of abuse and she spirals into depression. She only snaps back to reality when Sean repeats his emotionally abusive behavior and this time Maddy hides in the cupboard just as Alex once did as a child. She decides enough is enough and takes back control of her life. She returns to the domestic violence safe house and begins the process to cut him out of their life once and for all. Alex succeeds with the help of Regina and her lawyer friend to finally begin anew.

'Maid' Ending Explained

We see Alex avoid an intense legal battle as Sean who is trying to do better and cure himself of his affliction, decides to amicably settle. Alex is continuing her dream of going to college to study creative writing, something she gave up when she got pregnant. Ironically what got her accepted are the writings she did while working as a maid, with her stories making the cut. We see her mom Paula back to square one with her backing out of going along with Alex and choosing to be with a new guy instead. Some people can't change their stripes that easily it seems. 

We see Alex read out her journal in group therapy where she says, "My happiest day hasn't come yet, but it's going to". We see her drive off with Maddy as she heads to her college. Alex is finally at the start of the life she envisioned for herself and Maddy, as they both explore the college grounds and views around. A new home, a new start, and a brighter future are what is so well deserved for all the horrible things she suffered through. The series ends on a happy and hopeful note as we see the sunshine signal a time of light.

'Maid' is now streaming on Netflix.

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