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'MAFS' Season 15: Will Lindy and Miguel get divorced? Fans slam Lindy for being 'immature and impulsive'

'Lindy has apologized 15 times, she's crying, calling herself scatter brain,' said a fan
Lindy and Miguel in 'MAFS' Season 15 (Lifetime)
Lindy and Miguel in 'MAFS' Season 15 (Lifetime)

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: 'Married At First Sight' Season 15 couple Lindy and Miguel are in a messy situation. On the award night, the couple was awarded the title of the couple who is 'most likely to stay married'. Well, soon after that, the situation turned around to be bad for the couple. 

In the recently released episode, we saw Lindy and Miguel going on a date. and, instead of it being romantic, it turned full of fights and miscommunication. Lindy snapped at her husband for not taking photos and letting her have a hug. Miguel, on the other hand, claimed that he didn't give hug because he was not feeling close to her at that moment. To this, Lindy says, "Maybe you are not letting me in". Well, Miguel instantly clapped back, saying, "Maybe I'm letting you in too much". Lindy feels "rejected" and not understood by her husband. At the same time, she accepts to have "tendencies of being inconsiderate and not being able to read the room". While Lindy cried and lashed her anger, Miguel kept watching her instead of consoling her. Most of the 'MAFS' fans seem to be on Miguel's side, claiming Lindy to be immature and "not a match" for Miguel.


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It seems that the couple's marriage is all about Lindy fighting because of small inconveniences, Miguel being clueless, Lindy crying, and things going back to normal again. After seeing Lindy often cry and crib about every small thing, fans speculate whether she is allegedly diagnosed with ADHD. The reality star has not mentioned such a thing, therefore, it's purely based on fans' speculation. 

Seeing Lindy make a scene for not getting a hug from Miguel, fans claim her to have "zero intolerance". A fan tweeted, "Lindy be having some ADHD and unfortunately she never developed coping skills for it and Miguel don’t got no time for her to figure it out." Another asked, "Does Lindy have adhd?" Furthermore, a fan speculated, "Maybe Lindy has ADD/ADHD. If she has it and she hasn’t told him, then I’m sure he’ll be more understanding. But if she doesn’t then yeah, I’m with Miguel, it’s rude and annoying." Taking note of Lindy being too sensitive, a fan wrote, "In this case, I hear where Miguel is coming from. However, it’s possible that Lindy could have an undiagnosed condition like ADHD, which could explain her impulsivity and distractedness."





Another fan slammed Lindy, "The word gets thrown around a lot, but I genuinely believe that Miguel is displaying narcissistic traits. Lindy can be messy, but I feel bad for her." Fans seem to be certain that Lindy and Miguel's relationship won't work out. "Lindy does something irritating.. Miguel gets irritated.. she cries and gets emotional.. he apologizes. She talks about how she’s trying and bullies him into submission.. sounds like marriage to me," wrote a fan. Another claims the reason, "Lindy too slow for Miguel that’s just what that is she needs a simple man or something." Moreover, a fan even claimed that the couple won't be able to stay any longer in the marriage. "Lindy has apologized 15 times, she's crying, calling herself scatter brain or something like that. Based on today, "Most likely to Stay Married" should get divorced", wrote a critic.





Miguel clearly said in the recently released episode that he does not feel too connected to Lindy. Does that mean their relationship will end? To catch up with all the drama, stay tuned to Lifetime. 'Married at First Sight' Season 15 new episodes every Wednesday at 8/7c.

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