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Who is Steve Moy? 'MAFS' Season 14 star wants happy marriage like his grandparents

Steve isn't worried about getting married to a stranger, if anything, he is all set to tie the knot
Steve Moy (Instagram/stevemoy1)
Steve Moy (Instagram/stevemoy1)

The idea of falling in love, at first sight, is a somewhat magically one. The thought that all the stars align in that very moment as you find the person you're meant to be with seems too good to be true. And if the past season of 'Married at First Sight' is proof of anything, it is that falling in love with a stranger is far from a fairytale.

Season 13 of 'MAFS' made fans question if love is even real, seeing that it has an explosive season. There was not a single moment of peace between Johnny and Bao's fights to Michaela and Zack blowing up at any given second. Even Myrla and Gil, a couple that seemed like they worked through all their issues, proceeded to call it quits, all while Gil was still in love with his wife. It certainly wasn't an easy season to watch, but it made for quite the drama. Now, moving on to Season 14, the question is, will these new couples find their happily ever after, or will we see more divorce parties? Before we find out what the future holds, here's a look at Steve, who is ready to find love!


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Who is Steve Moy?

Also known as Steve, Stephen Moy is all set to find love in Season 14 of 'Married At First Sight'. As per his LinkedIn, he was a Sales Engineer with Experian Data Quality. However, his employment status with the company is only listed up to 2020. Prior to this, he was a Software Developer with Nulite - Behavior Data Tracker and was also a Creator/Developer with a company named Jib. He studied at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics. He is also working towards a Masters' Degree in the field of Educational/Instructional Technology, from Lesley University. 
As per the Experian website, Steve enjoys "exercising, playing basketball, traveling, cooking, and developing iPhone apps."

As per his Lifetime bio, "Throughout his life, Steve (38) has had incredible examples of healthy, happy marriages. Recently, he found out his grandparents – who have been married for 60 years – had an arranged marriage. After witnessing so much love and happiness, marrying his future wife at first sight does not scare Steve. He is very hopeful that the experts will be able to find him a match who will make him as happy as his grandparents."

Steve Moy, as seen on 'Married At First Sight' (Instagram/mafslifetime)

Is Steve on Instagram?

Although his profile is private, you can find Steve on Instagram, his handle is @stevemoy1. 

The Season 14 premiere kicks off with a three-hour episode, January 5, 2022, at 8p/7c on Lifetime.