'Lucifer' Season 5B Spoilers: Does Lucifer say the 'three words' back to Chloe Decker?

'Lucifer' Season 5B Spoilers: Does Lucifer say the 'three words' back to Chloe Decker?
Lauren German as Chloe Decker and Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar from 'Lucifer' (Netflix)

"What Lucifer and I have is special. It's real, and it doesn't matter how many lies you tell me. I will never lose faith in me and him," Chloe Decker (Lauren German) tells Michael (Tom Ellis), Lucifer Morningstar's (also Ellis) evil twin. And for the most, her emotions stay true to the lines. 

The couple has had their share of ups and downs. They would clash often but with time realized that they could barely function without each other. How 'Lucifer' Season 5B ended showed that Lucifer and Chloe were meant to be together despite their differences. Although what Lucifer did was lofty and humanly impossible, it was proof that love trumps all. Even though he didn't say those "three words" back and gave his reasons for it, in that moment actions spoke louder than words.


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“You have been nothing but wonderful, and you deserve to hear those three words back, but the truth is, I’ll never be able to say them to you,” he confessed in one of the Season 5B premiere episodes, and added: "I’ve realized that I am my father’s son and as depressing as that is, it explains so much. But it also means like him, I am incapable of love."

Lucifer as the Devil was self-serving all along. Even though he has been getting in touch with his emotional side, no one thought he could pull off what he did in the finale. But a dying Chloe pushed him to take steps that were previously not expected from him. 


Michael kills Chloe - she goes to heaven, Lucifer follows her. Ideally, he couldn't have survived in heaven but thanks to Lilith's ring he was able to search for her once he arrives. But he gives that away to Chloe so that she can be resurrected on Earth while he succumbs to his fate. Later, as she prepares to avenge all of it, Lucifer appears next to her ready to wage an all-celestial war. But how was this possible? 

Comic Book points out: "Throughout the entire series, Lucifer has been growing, changing, maturing, slowly becoming a being with more emotional depth and maturity," and added that by "sacrificing" himself for Chloe he made it clear he had moved on from his selfish ways, which was how he became eligible for the role of God despite Michael having the votes on his side. Does this mean Chloe will now date God? Only time will tell.



This was not the most epic ending to a season, definitely not when it came it rounding off a relationship, but that was exactly what the creators had in mind. They mellowed down the finale so that they had enough and more for Season 6, which should be out later this year or early 2022. 

'Lucifer' seasons one through five can be streamed on Netflix. 

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