‘Love It or List It’ Season 19 on HGTV: Who pays for furniture on the reality series?

‘Love It or List It’ Season 19 on HGTV: Who pays for furniture on the reality series?
David Visentin and Hilary Farr in ‘Love It or List It’ Season 19 (@hilary_farr/Instagram)

Furniture is an integral part of any person’s home. It is one of the main aspects that decide the vibe of the house. Having a perfect house that is a balance between comfort and elegance with apt furniture is what every person wishes about. For such people, HGTV’s popular home renovation reality series ‘Love It or List It’ makes sure that their homes are perfect.

‘Love It or List It’ Season 19 is set to surprise global audiences yet again. The upcoming season will be hosted by interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin. The series premieres on September 12 on HGTV at 9 PM ET. While audiences have seen that making a home more homely and vibrant is not an easy job and then listing the house also takes time through the series, has anyone ever wondered who exactly pays for the furniture on the show?

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‘Love it or List It’ Season 19 on HGTV: Who pays for furniture on the reality series?

While many people might be thinking that the channel might be paying for the furniture used by the interior designer Hilary Farr in order to renovate the houses for people who want to buy them through realtor David Visentin’s help, this is not so.

According to HGTV’s official statement to Greensboro in December 2020, the channel does not pay the house owners for their temporary living arrangements during the time that their home is being restructured by the interior designer with new furniture. The statement read, “We do not cover the cost of the homeowners’ temporary living arrangements while their home is being renovated, except in the case of some unexpected circumstances such as delays due to COVID”.

House owners pay for the furniture and decor of their home

The statement also mentioned how the current house owners always pay for their home’s renovation in the show. It further described that they are actually given an opportunity to buy the furniture and décor of their home which is going to be used for presentation. The statement added, “The homeowners always pay for the renovation and they are given the opportunity to purchase the furnishings and décor used for the staging. What they don’t purchase is removed from the home.”

Hilary on importance of furniture for house owners 

In an interview with Realtor.com dated January 2022, Hilary spoke about the importance of furniture, especially for homeowners who want to have a total makeover of their house. She shared how people are not supposed to get an emotional attachment with any of the items. Hilary said, “You have to be very brutal about that. We’re not supposed to get attached to an object; but, you know, objects that I’ve grown up with, or that I remember buying on a specific trip, can have an emotional attachment because there’s a memory that goes with them. That said, they will often not work in your home space, especially if they did at one point and you have since moved”.

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