'Love Island' fans express concern over Zac and Elizabeth’s relationship after Cormac asks her on a date

'Love Island' fans express concern over Zac and Elizabeth’s relationship after Cormac asks her on a date

The second episode of ‘Love Island’ saw Caro as the only single left in the villa after Kyra picked Cashel. Although Caro immediately started putting her moves on Michael, she was still feeling a bit insecure.

Meanwhile, Zac and Elizabeth seemed to be hitting off well as the cute couple locked lips and seemed like they were genuinely into each other.

The episode ended with us getting introduced to two new islanders who will be joining the OG crew in the villa.

Dylan is looking for an athletic girl (CBS)


Dylan, 25, a dreamy looking guy, finds his way to the villa looking for a fun, athletic girl.

Cormac, 26, an Irish hunk, looking for a girl who can keep up with him and has a great personality and beautiful eyes.


Cormac wants a girl who can keep up with him (CBS)


The girls get very excited about seeing two new boys in the villa, but the boys are a bit more cautious though friendly towards the newcomers. Right off the bat, both Dylan and Cormac have their eyes on Elizabeth as they both find her attractive and express their desire to know her better. Apart from Elizabeth, Dylan has his eyes on Alexandra while Cormac finds Caro interesting.

The newcomers spend the day getting to know the girls one-on-one.

While Elizabeth, after interacting with both the boys, clearly states that she isn’t attracted to either of them and that they are not her type, Caro goes all out flirting with both the newcomers.

At the end of the day, the boys get to go on a date with the girls, the audience chose for them from yesterday’s poll. America decided that Alexandra would be a great fit for Dylan, while Cormac should go with Caro. Both couples look seemingly happy with the audience decision as they have a romantic date, where they get to know each other better.


Meanwhile, Michael--who is coupled with Alexandra but is keen on ditching her for Caro-- feels a bit threatened and expresses his sourness when both the girls he is with on the show are getting some strong vibes from Dylan and Cormac.

To make things more interesting, Dylan and Cormac get a text saying up until now they were on a date with the audience’s choice, and the date is over, but the night hasn’t ended. They can now ask another girl they are interested in out on a date.

And this is when Dylan asks Mallory for a date and Cormac asks Elizabeth! But, Elizabeth doesn’t seem too keen on the date.

Just like Elizabeth, fans are not too happy with Cormac’s move as they took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

A fan wrote, “Zac better not let these new guys steal Elizabeth from him #LoveIslandUSA”

Fans are backing Zac and Elizabeth very hard, and everybody seems to be in consensus over how cute the couple is.

"If elizabeth and zac don’t win love island i’m suing for emotional damage,” one of the show's fan wrote. Another admirer threatened, “If Cormac breaks up Elizabeth and Zac, I will FLIP. MY. SHIT. #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA”.


And, this comment by a Twitter user pretty much sums up most of the audiences’ reaction, “Anyways yes I’m watching Love Island and all I have to say is that I will burn my house down if ANYBODY messes with Elizabeth and Zac”.

We will have to wait until the next episode to see how the date between Elizabeth and Cormac goes, and if Zac and Elizabeth will survive this. Michael’s sour grapes face will surely keep us entertained too. 

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