'Love Island' fans divided over Zac not sharing his relationship status with new girls

'Love Island' fans divided over Zac not sharing his relationship status with new girls

On Monday's episode of 'Love Island', Zac asks Elizabeth to be his girlfriend! Then the fan-favorite couple cutely announced to the camera that they’re official. 


We’re then introduced to the six new Islanders, who have made their way to Fiji looking for love and to shake things up in the villa. One of the new girls asks Zac if he is still open or is stuck to Elizabeth, he replies, “I will give you guys all the time of the day.”

Some of these guys like Dylan and Zac who are already with girls who they share a strong connection with were tip-toeing around the new girls to see if there could be something with them. Zac appalled everybody by conveniently omitting that Elizabeth is his girlfriend now.

Later in the evening, Elizabeth and Zac have a talk, where Zac asks Elizabeth if she told the new guys that she was dating him, she immediately says yes. Zac then guiltily admits that he didn’t say the same to the new girls. Elizabeth reveals to the camera that people often mistake her kindness for weakness, and she isn’t going to allow people to push her around. Elizabeth was clearly taken aback by Zac’s behavior.



Even fans were a bit upset with Zac’s convenient omission.

A fan wrote, “So mad at him for the way he acted when the new girls came in though!”. Another fan pointed out, “Zac should let the new girls know he have a girlfriend. At least Elizabeth told the new boys that she is with Zac. If Zac mess things up he won't have any future with Elizabeth. #LoveIslandUSA”.

A fan expressed her disappointment with the tweet, “Disappointed in Zac tonight :( A few drinks and he's not telling girls he has a gf and he's open to getting to know them?.#redflag. Don't think there will be a long future for him and Elizabeth, if he's doing this already, he'll hurt her worst later..”

While others felt that it’s no big deal, since they are on a reality dating show. A fan wrote, “He did something wrong but then he told he like an adult it’s not a big deal relationships have bumps in the road and let’s not all forget THEY ARE ON LOVE ISLAND they are gonna make mistakes here and there they are around each other 24/7”.


Another fan echoed similar feelings and shared, “He was gonna tell her anyway and he said she was her girl 100%, of course this would make people question there relationship but like I said it’s love island they are around each other every day,there’s meant to be hiccups, and it’s not even that big of a deal”.

Fans seem divided over Zac’s behavior. Let us know what you think of Zac not revealing his relationship status to the new girls.

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