Did Leslie leave 'Love Island'? Fans wonder why she is 'ineligible' for favorite islander vote

'Y’all think leslie caught something ? the way her voice been sounding and now we can’t vote for her,' wrote a fan

                            Did Leslie leave 'Love Island'? Fans wonder why she is 'ineligible' for favorite islander vote
'Love Island' star Leslie Golden (CBS)

As Genevieve Shawcross and Charlie Lynch pointed out there's never a dull moment on 'Love Island' villa. A week of Casa Amor not only exposed the cracks in the OG islanders' relationships but also gave us plenty of drama. Of the five hot girls brought into Casa Amor, only Genevieve and Leslie Golden managed to survive the recoupling after they got picked by the OG boys. 

While Genevieve was coupled up with Jeremy Hershberg, Leslie ended up with Korey. Unfortunately for Korey, Leslie isn't into him and seems to have her eye on Melvin Cinco Holland Jr. instead. Korey sensed that and began showering his attention on Olivia Kaiser, while Cinco continues to stew in his messy love triangle with Cshay Proudfoot and Trina Njoroge. This obviously leaves Leslie in a vulnerable spot. So, the showrunners decided to once again turn to the audience and asked the audience to cast their votes for their favorite female islander and male islander. The recipient of the lowest number of votes would be at the risk of elimination. Hawk-eyed fans noticed how Leslie was left out from the promo for favorite islander.


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Leslie Golden on 'Love Island' (CBS)


Did Leslie Golden leave 'Love Island'?

Several fans took to Twitter to wonder why Leslie wasn't in the promo. Some other fans went an extra step and tried voting for her on the 'Love Island' app and realized that when they cast their vote for her a message saying Leslie was ineligible for voting was displayed. This led to fans wondering if Leslie left the show. 

A fan tweeted, "Looks like Leslie packed her bags and left, she's not on the voting list #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "Leslie got her Instagram pics and caused some drama so I guess it was time to leave. #LoveIslandUSA." "Anyone peeped they didn’t show Leslie in the girls line up? Did she leave the Villa #LoveIslandUSA," wondered a fan.





Some fans began wondering if Leslie quit 'Love Island' for medical reasons, as she sounded sick in the recent episodes. A fan shared, "y’all think leslie caught something ? the way her voice been sounding and now we can’t vote for her #LoveIslandUSA #loveIsland." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "#LoveIslandUSA maybe Leslie isn’t eligible for a vote because she’s going to leave in the next episode. She did sound sick throughout." "Leslie either self evicted or is getting removed from the island for whatever illness came on and 2 other girls will leave that's why 3 new ones are coming in," added a fan.




The message displayed on 'Love Island' app when fans tried voting for Leslie Golden (CBS)


Neither Leslie nor the showrunners have made any official announcement about her exiting the show. So, we will just have to wait and watch to learn more about the situation.

'Love Island' Season 3 airs on Tuesday through Friday at 9 pm ET/PT on CBS. In addition, 'Love Island' will air on Sunday nights from 9 to 11 pm ET/PT for the remainder of the season. You can also stream the episodes on Paramount+.

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