'Love Island': Weston's chain dating and 63 one-night stands make him the most-disliked islander on CBS show

Weston started off as an adorable southern gentleman but is now the most-disliked as he hopped from Mallory to Katrina to Kelsey to Kyra to Emily. Read on to know his next move...

                            'Love Island': Weston's chain dating and 63 one-night stands make him the most-disliked islander on CBS show

If you have been watching CBS’s reality dating show ‘Love Island’, you’d be familiar with the southern cowboy on the show - Weston. This cowboy has been at the centre of all the drama and mayhem in the recent past. It all began when he dumped OG islander Mallory for Katrina, stating that he found Katrina goofy and quirky like him, but that didn’t last too long because as soon as new girl Kelsey walked in, he dropped Katrina like a hot potato for Kelsey. Before we could just get used to Kelsey and Weston, he does it again. He led on Kelsey while courting Emily (new islander). While he was still with Kelsey he admits to Kyra (OG Islander and ex-partner of his close friend Cashel, on the island) that he has a crush on her! It reached a point that Kelsey voluntarily walked out of the show.

Weston disappoints fans by coupling up with Emily (Instagram)

Fans are calling out Weston for being so flaky. “Katrina & Kelsey were so understanding about Weston “cracking on” & he honestly did nothing to even deserve their understanding & maturity while dealing with the sitch, or after they left as a result of them. Cheers to 2 very classy broads who’ll find real love! #loveislandusa”, wrote a fan.

Up until now, Yamen was the most-disliked islander on the show, but Weston seems to have replaced Yamen. Another fan commented, “Yamen gave the title of the worst guy in the show RIGHT to Weston  #LoveIslandUSA”. In a recent episode, it was revealed that Weston slept with over 63 women, and fans can’t wrap their heads around it. To make things worse, Weston tried justifying his behaviour by saying that he tried dating them, and fans are not buying it. A fan tweeted, “Did Weston really say that ALL 63 women he slept with WERENT one night stands but he TRIED to date them Lol sure he tries so hard to look like a good southern boy when he’s the biggest player there  #LoveIslandUSA”.  Apart from being terrible to the girls on the show, Weston wasn’t such a great friend to his buddy Zac either.

Fans are disliking Weston’s behaviour on the show. “I used to love Weston now I can’t stand him. It’s so funny how in the beginning I judged ppl like cash thought he was the douche but by the time he left I loved him. Ppls true colours shine through #LoveIsIand #loveislandusa”, wrote a disappointed fan.
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